I was dreading work today, mainly because it’s Saturday and my shift is right in the middle of the day!  It’s not fun at all and I am here for five hours all by myself…with only the customers to keep me company.  If that.  Most of them just rush through the drive thru, wanting their money or whatever and then zoom right out without barely a glance my way. 

But…so far, this work day has been great! I am thankful for the solitude and I have had time to write and think and read!  I am reading Jane Austen right now and if you didn’t know, I am completely obsessed with her!  May I pay a small tribute to one of the greatest female authors ever, Jane Austen:  You are my literary hero.  Anyways, back on track.  I decided to read ‘Mansfield Park’ since I don’t really remember what happens and so far I am pleasantly surprised by all the intriguing characters and story.  I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I am anticipating what happens next.  I have ordered two books on Amazon and I got them in the mail just recently and I was very happy to recieve them.  I got a book by Richard Yates called ‘The Easter Parade’, which I am very excited to read.  I read ‘Revolutionary Road’ and fell in love with this writing style!  I like depressing books, especially with unhappy endings.  I have no idea why, it is this weird thing that appeals to me.  Whatever.  But his stories are kind of like that so yeah…  Then I got the book, ‘Watership Down,’ because for a while I had a few friends tell me I had to read it and then just recently it has been popping up everywhere!  It’s like this book is being thrown in my face and saying, “read me!”  So I ordered it online and sometime (after I finish a few other books) I will read it and see how I like it. 

I got a little carried away, because mainly I was going to talk about my day at work, but writing about my life is not a bad idea either.  I know I have not been blogging lately, I just haven’t had the time or inspiration.  I have been putting all my creative efforts into my other writings, like a few short stories I have been trying to finish.  Which has been so good for me and I actually just finished one and I am hoping I can get it edited and then who knows what I will do with it…so that has been fun and also a lot of work!

  I am very happy because I will not be working Sundays anymore, so I will have at least one day of the weekend off.  But I will still be the girl covering the Saturday shifts…which is quite alright.  I am very thankful for my job, even though I tend to complain about it a lot.  That is something else I have been doing a lot, is complaining!  And frankly, it is getting on my nerves.  I am mainly a pretty positive person, but lately I have not been very grateful in the thankful department.  So I apologize and hopefully I can see my life in a more optimistic fashion and actually be happy where I am at! 

   Two weeks into January and already it has been quite a year!  I have a lot of decisions ahead of me and I know this year will eventually get pretty busy.  I have some opportunities lined up that I really hope come through, because that would be awesome.  More details about that later. 

  As for right now I am going to enjoy this work day and be happy about my life and how things are going to turn out, because it will all work out for the best.  Got to keep telling myself that.  God has been so faithful and amazing and I am trying to get back to the place where I am desperately in love with Him!  I have kind of dropped the ball in that area, which I am okay to admit, because we all get caught up in other things.

   So that is what’s going on with me.  Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday!