Another thought on human connection:

Think about the body of Christ.  I marvel at how diverse God’s people are, and we are brought together for one reason.  We all have one thing in common and it is enough to form relationships and bonds between people and that common ground is Jesus.  God is love and He wanted someone to share that with and that’s why He created us.  It all comes down to relationship and that is all He asks.  And God’s people are so beautiful and amazing and I love connection.  I remember when my family was on the road for a year we met a lot of people.  The back story is, we were sent out to travel the United States and in doing that we sold our home and almost all of our belongings and just follow God.  We crossed paths with so many incredible people and it was almost crazy how it happened.  Complete strangers would take us into their homes just because they were led to.  Seven people, just welcomed in.  Can you imagine just randomly taking in seven people who have this huge van and trailer and no home?  Kind of mind boggling if you think about it, but that is the beauty of life!  Of following Jesus!  It’s that common ground that makes people so willing to be open and loving in that way.  It’s awesome how God brings people together, paths cross and it’s all for a reason.  Sometimes I question it though, some people who come into my life and I have to ask why?  I know God’s ways are bigger and something I will never come to understand, but sometimes it is just puzzling how the Lord works.  I have to be trusting.  We have to be trusting! 

Such an amazing thing.  Anyways, I won’t get too carried away again.  These are just some thoughts I had today.  I wish I could elaborate more, but I fear the words are gone.  I kept thinking about this all morning and being like, I need to write this down.  I need to express these thoughts and so this is the best I could do.  And thank to those who read my blog!  and put up with my random posts.  This has been great exercise for me, to write openly and to have people actually read my stuff!  It was unnerving at first and still is at times.  But I need to get over that fear.  Be brave!  I tell myself that all the time.  I have to.

Be  blessed today.