My sister (the one who is getting married) is sitting at our dining room table across from me, writing out thank you notes. She has been working on these thank you notes for probably forever! Amazing as having THREE bridal shower sounds, that means triple the thank you notes she needs to send. She tells me that if someone gave her a book of stamps as a gift, she would be thrilled. Postage is probably one of the most expensive things they have to pay for. Which is totally believable…because if you think about it: there are the save the dates to send out, then the invitations and then all the thank you cards. And she will probably send more thank you notes after the wedding because people will be giving more gifts. So many thank you notes to write! It is slightly overwhelming…if only sending a mass e-mail was classy. Hmm…thinking for my future. Maybe by the time I get married technology will totally rule the world and no one will think twice about a hand written card…Isn’t that sad? Anyways, that is a whole other topic in itself. This whole wedding process has been exciting and new for not just my sister but for me as well! It has been fun and somewhat stressful watching her plan this whole thing. All girls have thought of this day ever since they were little. And I am guilty of this as well. I always said I wanted it on a beach and to wear a simple dress. As I grew older this little dream, of course, has changed and I now think of a beach wedding and all I can think about it be really windy and hair in my face. Weddings were such a fantasy, but now they are a reality. I can say that I adore weddings more than anything and I love attending them…but I now am not sure about my own! I am like, wow, eloping is the way to go. It is looking better and better as my sister’s wedding approaches. So I have stopped dreaming about my wedding and what it will be like, because I honestly don’t care. Weddings aren’t just about everything being perfect, it’s about committment and the union of two people. Which is even more beautiful than all of the flowers and pretty dresses involved. Have to keep it in perspective. When the time comes, I will plan for that special day, but for now I really don’t want to think about it! I realize that they cost a lot more than you will ever know and so I kind of have to be realistic about the day.

In conclusion, I am very excited for March 19th. It is going to be an amazing day. 

P.S. My sister is telling me she is going to write out a list of ‘tips’ for the rest of us sisters…isn’t that sweet of her?

P.P.S. What was/is your dream wedding?! I would love to know. I know most girls have a little picture in their mind of what they want.