“Will you be my Valentine?” How simple is that. So simple! It is not hard to ask a girl to be your valentine. Just saying. This post may sound like a rant about hating Valentine’s Day, but it’s not.I think you can view this as a girl giving her opinion and be my guest to prove me wrong…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and let me tell you it was an amazing day. My sister and I decided to be each others Valentine’s. Just for fun. So when I came home late at night there was a sweet valentine on my bed waiting for me. I had done something similar. I see Valentine’s as a day to be thoughtful and to show people in your life that you love and appreciate them. So all day I was in such a good mood and was having such a good day! The end of the day proved to be a little disappointing. And it was not because by the end I realized I was single and ‘lonely’, no, that is not a problem for me. I saw that maybe being single was less of a disappointment. It just showed me that relationships are not as they are all cracked up to be. The two people in my life who have serious and good relationships,their boyfriends did nothing for them. I have never seen one of the girls so upset in her life, since this was their first Valentine’s together. I am sure the guy felt like crap, I can imagine, but it just irritated me. Because a lot of people don’t want to “sell out” to the idea of Valentine’s Day, but if you don’t want be a sell out then at least use the day to be thoughtful to someone you love! I know you can express your love and affection any time of the year, that’s great, but a girl wants to be acknowledged! It’s a slap in the face to not acknowledge her on the one day where it kind of matters.

A single flower, a piece of paper with your sloppy hand writing on it, just to ask those five little words…would make all the difference.

My friend said, “I’m a practical girl, but even a practical girl wants some romance.”

Here is something that gives me hope:

My father is the last person to ever participate in a holiday. But secretly he loves them just as much as anyone else. He is the kind of guy to get my mom flowers on a random day just to show that he loves her. I do remember waking up on Valentine mornings and going out to see flowers and a card ready for my mom on the dining room table. Some years for them, getting something for valentine’s was going to a card store and ‘picking’ out cards and showing them to one another. It was just goofy and silly. He knows that it is important to her and that is why he participates.

My sister was home recently and she was out with my dad. They were at the grocery store and he says, “I can’t leave without getting your mom flowers!” When they got home he marched right up to her and handed her the flowers and said, “I love you. Thank you for pursuing me.” And then they kissed. I think a big part of relationships is the guy pursuing the girl and most people know this, but guys want to be pursued just as much. I get that!  My dad has said that lately my mom has been really kind of aggressive about showing her love and really pursuing him even after 25 years of marriage and he loves it! So it totally goes both ways. Guys and girls want romance and to be pursued. Seeing my parents so in love gives me a little hope about marriage. But…that was a different generation. Another friend said, “I hate that I am growing up in a generation where romance is dead.” This is true. I realize I am not a practical girl when it comes to romance, I am kind of ridiculous when it comes to that stuff. I guess I have watched Pride and Prejudice a little too much. It sucks that I have to be practical about romance. At least that is what I realized last night. Sometimes a girl is going to be disappointed in life when a guy won’t make the effort to be thoughtful, it’s gonna happen. And life goes on, regardless. And this is not a post to bash men or relationships…it was just sad to see two girls completely crushed because their boyfriend’s didn’t get them anything. Or at least didn’t make an effort…I am telling you even the smallest type of gesture matters.

I guess I can say I am old-fashioned when it comes to love. I don’t know if I should keep looking for this type of romance, or just accept the time that I live in.

I haven’t decided. A part of me wants to be practical, but another part is hoping one day I will find that romance.

In the end, it doesn’t even matter. (aren’t those song lyrics? :P)