That was a different story, a different lifetime.

I remember you.

I remember your laugh like it was yesterday.

The rain washed away all the prestige.

We were friends, once upon a time.

Now life has taken us a different routine.

These journeys do not bring mourning,

It is said that we cannot force fate.

So I sit here and ponder the memories…

Fondness comes to mind,

Yes, we’ve had some good times.

I do miss you in the spring

And the summer time was picnics and roses.

Fall always led to goodbyes

and in the winter…you were never there.

Lonesome in my lonely days

I’m not bitter towards your wandering ways.

It was a different story, a different time

Seasons come and go.

The rain is forever my company,

that drowns my forgotten longings.

It’s a bitter form of refuge.

I will always remind thee of times and blessings.

Forge ahead to springtime

Yes, that was my favorite.

Quoting the sky of its blissful mercies,

A cheerful plea on a doting soul.

I thank thee, dear one.

Let us not fall away.