Things coming up:

My sister’s wedding is in less than two weeks!

– The long, anticipated celebration of Daniel and Rachel tying the knot will be on Saturday the 19th. I will be in my first wedding ever…and I still have not found shoes for the dress. Time is running out and I definitely do not want to go bare foot. The dilemma is, the wedding is outside, we will be walking on grass. I look good in the dress wearing high-heels. The heels might sink into the soft ground while I walk up the aisle. Might have to forgo the idea of heels…Nevetheless I am excited for this day. A day I have been blogging about since my sister got engaged. It’s a pretty big event for my family. My parents came to Nashville this past weekend to talk wedding plans and for Danchel’s last bridal shower. It was great fun! And we will be seeing them again in nine days. A lot going on!

I will be moving to a new house sometime in April.

-Our lease is up in April and we do not want to continue living there. All of us sisters are dispersing around Nashville. I was lucky to find this cute house very close to where I am now and will be in the company of some very awesome roommates. One of my best friends here in Nashville will be moving in as well, so I am kind of excited about that. Let’s just say a lot of stress has been taken off of my life because I have found an affordable place to live.

I am turning 21 on the 20th!

-I’m gonna be 21. Enough said.

Nashville is going to be ten times more amazing. Just saying.

The best part about my birthday is my family AND twin sister will be in town. I thought this was going to be the first birthday without her, but it worked out that we will be together. Pretty cool.

So, some exciting things coming up. Life is good. Can’t really complain…. 

Have a good week!