Mercy Me used to be one of my favorite bands, I own almost every album and I used to listen to them relentlessly. I still love their music, but I have moved on to other stuff. My music taste changes constantly, but I always keep my older CDs lying around just incase. I was flipping through my CDs yesterday and came across the album ‘Coming Up To Breathe’ and thought I should listen to it again. I went through all the songs, remembering almost every word and then I came across one of the songs (blog title) and my heart just skipped a beat. I became so overwhelmed with love for Jesus! It’s such a simple song but when you listen to it you just hear this desire, almost yearning to know more of who God is. I love songs that can instantly bring me to worship. The song has such a beautiful message. This is what I get out of it is basically: we cannot describe who God is, we try our best, but can we fully comprehend who He really is? No, and never will until we are face to face with the King of Glory. That’s going to be an amazing day. I love the chorus so much ‘Something about You that keeps me in pursuit of who You are.”  There is almost this curiosity and desire to know more of God. Because there is so much of God that is a mystery. And He is so great, how can our words ever be worthy enough to describe who He is…it’s just mind blowing!  God wants to be known. He desires that just as much as we do. So He just continues to draw His people closer and closer to Him. It is such a beautiful picture! I was just driving and listening to this song thanking the Lord so much for His power and beauty and love and anything I could think of! There is so many words and so many ways to describe who God is, we just got to get creative.

here’s the song:

Verse 1

Where, where do I begin?
How do I say what’s on my heart with paper and a pen?
How, how can I describe
The God of all the universe and make it rhyme?
I just wonder if it’s worth
Painting You with so few words
Oh, with so few words


Still there’s something about You
That keeps me in pursuit of who You are
I will spend my days finding ways to praise
The glory and the grace of who You are

Verse 2:

Why, why do I even try?
If I could speak the tongue of every man I’m still tongue-tied
What can I say about You
When everything I have won’t do
Oh, it will not do


As long as life runs through my veins
I will live to praise Your name
And if a hundred years I live
I won’t even scratch, I won’t even scratch the surface