I have lived my whole life without a gps and then when I moved to Nashville I knew it was crucial for me to get one. My gps has literally saved my life countless of times.  When I am in an unknown area I like to know where I am at and where I am going. My biggest fear of moving to Nashville was not being able to get around the city. I came and visited my sisters way before I decided to move here and I did not have a gps then, just printed out directions. For some reason I got confused with the directions and ended up downtown and lost. It was traumatizing to say the least! I kept trying to call my sister and she didn’t answer so I all I knew to do was sit somewhere and wait for her to call back. She eventually did and got me out of there and back on my way. Now that I look back at where I was (near Rosa Parks Blvd) I could totally get home from there if I wanted to. Kind of funny to think about.  But that little experience scarred me, I was like no way am I going to live in that big city. I would get lost wherever I went! I knew I had to though, it was where God wanted me. Funny how little things like that can get us so worked up…I was sure not happy about the idea. My dad basically ordered me to get a gps, because he knew how terrified I was. He would always tell me, “You can hardly find your way around a parking lot.” Which is a slight exaggeration, but not far from the truth. I knew it was a good idea so I went out and bought one. Let me tell you, it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. But just recently it broke…and I have been without one for a few weeks. I want to eventually replace it, but I have realized how much I depend on my gps. Places that are simple to get to, I have no clue how. Just because I have been so used to following wherever my gps tells me to go. So I have been forced to actually get to know my way around the area. It has been really, really good for me. I am slowly overcoming my fear of being lost, of not being in control all the time. I can afford to get lost a little bit, it’s not so scary anymore. A friend and I went on a little adventure the other night, basically wanting to drive around and see where we would end up. He had a gps, just incase, but we didn’t use it until we absolutely needed it. I was so relaxed and I just went with it. It definitely helped that I was with someone and we were in somewhat familiar areas, but it was still good for me to just let go and enjoy myself.

     I think I have overcome a lot of fear in this area of my life and it’s a little freeing. Although it will be nice to have my gps back again…not gonna lie. For now it has been good for me to live without it for a while. Finding security in the unknown…something I now know now I can kind of handle. My life is full of unfamiliar routes and I just have to trust I find my way. I always do! It always works out, by the grace of God.