Spring. The season of the Lion and the Lamb. Yesterday was a lamb day. Sunny, beautiful, breezy, pleasant and to sum it all up completely: glorious. I spent two hours at the park with my best friend, soon-to-be roommate, sprawled out on a bed sheet reading, talking and just basking in the vitamin D. It was a perfect day. I got a little sunburnt, but it made me happy nonetheless.

Today was quite the opposite. Today was a fierce and ferocious kind of day, almost like a lion on the hunt.  We had tornado warnings all day long and in the distance I could hear sirens going off. Rain pelted the windows like tiny bullets and the wind blew so hard – I was praying it wouldn’t flip my car. As for me, I was safe inside my place of work and trying not to freak out. I chewed nervously on my nails and watched out the window with wide eyes, hoping and praying that all my friends were okay. I kept asking my boss, “Do you think we will be okay? Nothing will happen to us, right?” She kept assuring me that the weather would subside soon and that the sky showed no signs of tornadoes.  Except later we heard that a tornado touched ground really close to our building. Scary! In these types of situations, my mind just goes ballistic and starts to wander. I start thinking about all the end-of-the-world movies I have seen and start making plans for our survival. I think of all the food we have and where we could get warmth and just all of these things. I have a big imagination, incase you haven’t already caught on. I am picturing all of the bank employees huddled together in our suits and heels, trying to survive the terror outside. We would be real troopers braving the storm…and thankfully the gift of the month is a flashlight! So at least we would have plenty of those. Which I think is kind of funny.

Anyways, to more serious matters: I get a phone call from my sister telling me a tree had hit the backside of my house. A tree! These are the types of things that you never think will happen to you.  I didn’t know details because a neighbor had notified my sister and she was driving there to check out the damage and would call me as soon as she knew what the deal was. I didn’t hear from her until an hour and a half later. My stomach was in knots and I thought of the worst scenario ever. Like I said, ridiculous imagination. I also figured if I thought of the worse, maybe when I found out what really happened, it wouldn’t be so bad. Let me just say that there was no internal damage…so at least I know all my stuff is okay. Not that it matters, just glad no one was there! And I haven’t seen the house yet, so who knows what it looks like. I will probably be spending the night at a friend’s house and I might want to think about packing everything up and moving to my new place

A year ago this time, Nashville experienced some pretty bad storming. I hope nothing like that happens again. And that was before I moved to the city, so I just saw the after effects. Pretty crazy! As adventurous as waiting out a storm in a basement with little food and lots of huddled bodies sound, I would like to skip the disaster and move onto more sunshine.

It’s still raining steadily…we shall see if it lets up anytime soon.

Be safe out there, Nashville!