by elisajoy

How can I tell my heart to stop breaking?

I will wait until there is nothing left.

Will you be my distraction from this aching world,

As I wait for this tragedy to unfurl?

We’ve made history…

But we’ll be history before the night is over.

I will take cover…

 and let these emotions go.

I will make it home

Where I am safe and sound,

Without you around.

Now I can guard my bleeding soul.

I realize I can’t do this on my own…

I’ve seen braver days

Where I’ve been a conqueror of sorts.

A part of me wants to distort,

The echoes of your wanting lulls

is the answer to my fleeting calls.

I just want to be free

Instead of a dying breed.

Kissing goodbye the wind

That has carried me through this…

This thing that’s called love.

Love. I don’t want a part of you anymore

Now I am cold, all the way to my core

fallen away