I went and saw the movie Limitless on Sunday.  From the previews it looked like a really good movie, but I was slightly disappointed. I think they dragged the story out too much and so the ending wasn’t that great. But that’s just my opinion. So, in the movie, the main character takes this pill that lets him access all of his brain, instead of the regular 20% (or however much you use, idk). With this pill he becomes a better version of himself. He becomes wicked smart, finishes a novel in three days and gets all this money (because he is wicked smart).

     The question I kept asking myself:

“Would I take the pill?”

And the answer is: Yes, I would.

I don’t do drugs or anything, but if I could finish writing a book in three days, hell yeah I would take that pill!

Here is why: The character is a writer and the beginning of the movie shows his struggle to write his novel. He has a writing contract and so he has a certain amount of time to finish the book. He is sitting at his desk, computer screen glowing and not one word written. I’ve been there, I know how lack of inspiration can kill any writing session. Writing is hard work! It takes a lot of brain power trying to think up words and dialogue etc… Anyways, so all I am saying is I would take a pill so I could write that novel I have always wanted to finish. Bad side affects or not…it would be worth it, right? 

 If you have seen the movie let me know if you would or not. I’m curious.