Bluegrass does good things to my soul. Since I have moved from Bristol to Nashville, I have missed listening to it a lot.  Because back in Bristol, bluegrass is really big. Like every year they host the Rhythm and Roots festival, which is the best time ever. I have written about the weekend in an older post.  But I think it’s funny being in Nashville and not being exposed to as much bluegrass music.  Maybe I am not looking in the right places. Or maybe the people I usually go to shows with aren’t really into that type of music. Anyways, last night I got to experience some good bluegrass and it was so what I needed.

     The Infamous Stringdusters are a six man band, all with their own stringed instruments and tunes that will make your feet tap the whole time. Bluegrass has a distinct rhythm to it and I cannot help but dance! I am always moving my feet and bobbing my head whenever I listen to bluegrass. I saw them for the first time a few years ago at Rhythm and Roots and I found out they are from Nashville. So when I saw they were playing in their hometown last night I had to see them. It was a lot of fun to watch them perform because they all are so tight when they play together. I mean, to have six musicians all with different instrument, play together is probably not as easy as they make it look. The instruments blend together so well to make a full, bluegrass sound. In almost every song each one of the guys basically got a little solo and the other band mates were so encouraging. Whenever the guy would step up with his instrument, all the attention would be on him. The other band members would be playing along, nodding their heads, watching in awe as their fellow bandmate played his riff. Their performance was so genuine and it looked like they were having such a good time up on stage. That’s why I love bluegrass, because sometimes it just looks and feels like one big jam session. They all play off each other and give it all they got. At they end the audience wanted an encore so the band came back out and played two acoustic songs on the floor. It was a really neat experience.

     What I love about bluegrass is that it’s really down-to-earth, cultural music. It has a certain feel to it, like you feel right at home. That’s why I like listening to it. Plus those guys can really play, it just blows my mind how good they are. The facial expressions were fun to watch, cause they really get into it. So fun.

     Anyways, I am glad I got to experience some good bluegrass last night. I love Nashville for that reason, that I get to have live music at my leisure. I could go see a show every night if I wanted to. I love it so much. Like this weekend is going to be amazing because I am going to the Rites of Spring at Vanderbilt and there are some really good bands playing. So, there are the bigger bands that are really cool to go see and then my musician friends who I go out and support. I love listening to the local music artists because it is raw, fresh talent and it’s always cool to see what type of style people have. 

     If you live in this area and know of any cool bands to check out, let me know! I love listening to new people and going to new music venues.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!