This past weekend was pretty awesome. I am also very exhausted, but it was all worth it. Well, I guess I should specify and say that Saturday was a really good day. In the morning I moved into my new place. It relieved me that I didn’t have that much stuff and it was all easy to move. There was only three of us and we got done with it in no time. Now I need to unpack and settle my new room, which is a little overwhelming, but I am sure I will get it all done before the week is up.

Now on to the exciting part. Rites of Spring at Vanderbilt University was going on this past weekend. It’s an outside, music festival that takes place on the campus of Vandy in Nashville, TN. A friend had invited me to go with him because he had gotten some free tickets. How could I pass those up? Especially with the great line-up. Like: The Features, Matt and Kim, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and then Kid Cudi. Those were the four bands that we saw. My friend picks me up and tells me he got me a backstage pass. Because he knows The Features and is good friends with the keyboard player and his wife. But he said he could only get one, so he gave it to me. We had plans to share the pass so each of us could experience backstage. We arrive and meet up with the band members wife and she gives him her backstage pass, because all the security guards know her. How perfect did that work out!? So we spend the whole show backstage, free beer, nice place to sit, nice bathroom, band members walking around…it was pretty sweet. We hung back there the whole time and for the performances we were touching the stage. Right up front, without any sweaty bodies pressing against us. I felt like the cool kid. I was that person that I always wished I was. The VIP guest, that had access to anything. It was just a cool experience. I am all about experiences. I’m sure I would have been just as siked to be in the crowd, being all crazy, listening to the bands play. But this time I get an even better experience. 

Matt and Kim were amazing to see live. It’s just a two person band, Matt on the keyboard and Kim on he drums. She is the hottest girl drummer ever! And man she can keep a beat. They have ridiculous amounts of energy. I’ve never seen anything like it. Afterwards, my friend and I went up to them to just say hey and I asked Kim what they do to keep their energy up and she said, “Redbull.” I wonder if in general they are hyper people, it seems that way. They were really enthusiastic during and even after the show. The whole time Kim had this huge grin plastered to her face, it was kind of awesome to watch.

The next band was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, which was pretty fantastic to see. A very eclectic band as well, they have an amazing style. I adore their song, “Home” and it was so surreal seeing them perform it live. The lead singer, I must say, was completely gorgeous. Except he was a little odd, not gonna lie. Looked like he hadn’t showered for days, but sometimes that grungy look can be hot. He wore all white, linen pants and a linen tunic with a white suit jacket. It was a very interesting look. When we approached him after the show he had donned a turban. Props to Alex for interesting wardrobe choice. They are excellent performers, had great sound, wonderful stage presence. They were my favorite for the evening.

Then Kid Cudi was last and we didn’t get as good of a view for him because they wanted the area in front of the stage to stay clear. So we actually watched the performance from the back side of the stage. Which was kind of cool and a nice change in perspective. That was my first live, rap show. I really loved it and he was really talented as well. I don’t know much of his music, but it was enjoyable to watch. At one part he freestyled, without any beat or anything. And lately I’ve obsessed over the idea of freestyling, like I kind of want to be good at it. So, I was pretty much freaking out. It was pretty cool.

Besides the awesome shows, it was so cold. By the end of the night, I could barely feel my toes or fingers. I also saw a lot of people get busted. Mostly for crowd surfing, which was pretty funny. They thought they were doing nothing wrong and then security would get in there and pull them from the crowd and shove them to the side. It was just an interesting people watching experience. There was also a lot of drinking and weed and all that fun stuff. I’m just glad I was able to stay away from it, for the most part. Or at least not be in the midst of it.

So it was a lot of fun, to me at least. It was cool to meet some of the bands and to have a front row view. How often does that happen? I definitely do not take this sort of experiences for granted.