This past week has been filled with fun experiences! The Nashville Film Festival is going on this past week and I went on Tuesday night, 1) because I am a film nerd and 2) I have never been to a film festival before. I heard it was at the Green Hills Mall movie theatre and I am thinking that you go in, buy your ticket and head to the destined theater. I didn’t know this was actually an event! I ended up going with one of my  girlfriends because she had an extra ticket to this one movie.  I was supposed to go see some short films, but they were sold out and I am so glad I saw Sam Jaeger’s “Take Me Home.” You will have to check it out, because it was really good.  

     I went into the film not knowing anything about the movie. Sometimes that is better, because you have no expectations, no biased opinion already from the previews…it just works out better that way. And I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I did not know it was going to be that good. Everything flowed together nicely, the story was constantly surprising you, the humor was dead on and also balanced by some really tender moments. I was definitely impressed since Sam Jaeger wrote, directed and starred in it and what made the movie even better was that his wife played opposite of him. She did such a good job, I loved her character so much and their chemistry was perfect. Afterwards there was a Q&A with him and his wife and he was like, this was definitely a test of our marriage. If we didn’t have chemistry onscreen, then we were in trouble. Well, I think they both did such a good job.

The comedy was so good. The movie was just refreshing, it was unexpected and not cheesy in any way. It was believable, in some sense. Like I said, everything just came together so nicely. Sam Jaeger is a good comedic actor and apparently a good comedic writer, because there was some really funny moments. A lot of scenes in the movie, you could see the characters reaction, but have no idea what was causing it. So you are constantly on the edge of your seat, just wondering what could possibly be happening. This was obviously done on purpose and I think that made the movie.

Visually the film was awesome, because it took place across the country, so in the film you get to see many sights of the US. It was shot with a RedOne and from the beginning I could tell. I was pretty proud of myself for recognizing that. Yes, I am a film nerd. Even though I don’t know much about it…but the film’s images were so sharp and vivid. You could almost feel the textures in the movie such as the clothes, or hair or sand on the beach. It really drew you in to the world of the characters and it also helped watching it on a big screen, because you were just overwhelmed with the picture.   

There was only one part I could not connect with and that was when the character ‘Claire’ was telling Thom why she didn’t like her picture being taken. It was a little off to me, not really sure where she was going with it.  But it was still good none the less…

So overall an excellent film and I had such a good time at the festival. I am so glad I got to make it out at least for one night. Can’t wait for next year!

If you went to the festival, let me know what you saw and your thoughts!!