I  really want to get back into theatre, so I am thinking of auditioning for this play…it’s a semi-professional theatre and it’s for the show, A Streetcar Named Desire. I like straight plays, I like dramas, I can do them well…it’s just, I haven’t auditioned in a while. And I have always known the theatre and the director I will be working with. Let’s just say, I am scared. Super nervous about getting up there and saying my piece. I need to have a monologue prepared and also to be ready to do a cold reading. Cold readings are easy! And even monologues are easy, I love them! But the thought of getting rejected, or not good enough is just a painful thought. I know leading up the audition I will be a wreck and then forever afterwards, I will be a wreck. It’s a lose/lose situation and even if I do get a part it will still be nerve-wracking! I guess, I just need a little support here. And don’t get me started on finding a monologue…gosh, that’s like trying to choose what you want to wear on a first date…nothing will ever be good enough! I wonder if I should even put myself through this. But it would be so amazing to be up on that stage…especially if I got a lead! The adrenaline rush every single performance…and the bonding time with the cast, oh, it is so much fun! (Although, I’m shaking when I think about it. Or maybe I’m just hungry…)

Alright, I’ll stop going on and on about how nervous and scared I am. I don’t even know if I can do the play, because of work. But I am hoping they would be understanding about my work schedule. And the theatre is like 30 minutes away, gas prices are just horrendous. Why would I want to drive out there every night? As you can see, I am really good at talking myself out of things.

Okay, won’t do the audition. See? That was easy. Thanks for listening,