I have a lot on my mind this morning but the one thing that I have really been dwelling on is fear.

     Fear is the basically the worst thing that could possibly rule your life and it does take over most people’s lives. I can admit that I sometimes bow down to the fear inside me from time to time. It really can put me in a horrible state and I get to the point where I cannot take it anymore. It is hard to rise above fear, to take control of your feelings, thoughts and life and to do the thing you are most afraid of.

    Like that one post I wrote recently, saying how nervous I was to audition and I was letting fear get the best of me. It truly can hold many people back from ever doing what they want. They don’t think they’re good enough or won’t be able to accomplish what they want…the list could go on and on. I think most humans live out of fear, I know I do. I am a very cautious person when it comes to making decisions. I like to see my options, picture where it would take me, assess all of the situation and then maybe, just maybe, if I feel an umph of courage, I will take that first step. It’s quite a battle inside to make life changing decisions. Granted, I have had some easy decisions, I’m not always ‘testing the waters,’ so to speak.

So what do we do about this problem? There is a verse that says, ‘Perfect love casts out all fear.’ We just have to keep our eyes on Jesus and let everything else  just fall away. God gives us the strength to overcome, to get to the places we cannot get on our own. When I am afraid of something, I tell the Lord right there. I admit to my fears and then ask for strength. I don’t turn into a superhero or anything, but peace comes and a knowing that I can trust God and everything is going to be okay. This is for small and big matters in my life.

     So get the fear out of your life and pursue your dreams. You only live once and you are in control of changing your life. Let God help you climb those mountains in your life that look daunting and become a fearless, free you.