I miss writing in my blog. It really has been too long. I mean, only a couple weeks. But still.

A lot has been going on in my life. But this past weekend was a pretty big deal for me. I went to a screenwriter’s conference here in Nashville. Met some really cool people and learned some very useful things. It was a wonderful experience and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. I liked hearing professionals talk about their work, it’s inspiring and definitely motivating. The first panel I heard was almost like a reality check. The title of the panel was something to the effect of ‘what screenwriter’s shouldn’t tell you.’ I didn’t get to go on Friday for all the introduction stuff, so I dived right into the conference. And this was the first thing I heard and I was like, oh, my god. I will never be a screenwriter! It is a tough business, the film industry in general is pretty brutal. But once you’re in, it’s pretty worth it. At least that’s what I gathered. They all seemed to love what they do, even though they made constant jokes about the job and the horrible experiences they’ve all had.

Basically what it comes down to is if you write a good screenplay, than you’re golden. Which is pretty basic, but then they want on to tell us what sort of things to avoid when writing a screenplay and what to expect. etc. It was all very helpful and almost overwhelming. I have had a few days to process all my notes and such and I’m pretty excited about spending my summer writing and getting some stuff together. Unfortunately it is easy to talk about finishing a screenplay and much harder to actually follow through. Writing is a big committment and lucky for me, I have been writing my whole life. The downfall is I really haven’t finished much. Some short stories and one novel, but that’s it. I guess I have a little more incentive to write now. I know where to go and what to do with it and definitely feel more confident in what I am doing. So I will see where this takes me. I’m not gonna quit my day job or anything, I’m just going to take it one day at a time and crank out some good movies.

I love doing stuff that will help me grow as a person. And this whole weekend was like that. I went to conference all by myself, did not know a single person there (Except for Steve Taylor who was there and I was an extra in his movie, but I doubt he remembers me ) I like talking to people and connecting, so that was a lot of fun. Everyone was there to meet people, to make connections, so for the most part everyone was really friendly.  But I also got the vibe that we are all competitors. We’re all there for the same reason, to write screenplays and to sell them. At that point it was friendly competition because most of us are starting out, but it probably could get vicious. It was funny the type of people that were there too. I was expecting a lot of young, hipster, filmmakers who all knew what they were doing and super intimidating, but it totally wasn’t. These people were pretty normal and a lot of them were older…which was odd to me. It was very dynamic and I liked that a lot.

So overall, a really good time. Nothing really exciting happened there. No one recognized me as a successful, amazing writer and wanted to hire me to write their script or anything. Which was not the reason I was there. I went to hear these professionals talk and to take away as much as I could. No regrets. I would have if I would’ve stayed in bed Sunday! I got really sick and I was tempted to skip out, but that $100 I spent made me get up and head over there. Anyways, I hope to start writing soon. If you have any good screenwriting tips, feel free to pass them along.