It seriously has been a few of the roughest weeks I have encountered in a long time. Just one thing after another. A lot of uncertainty, a lot of searching, a lot of waiting, a lot of praying…and so much more. I haven’t felt like this in a really, really long time. And today I kind of figured everything out. Most of it is physical problems brought on by lots of stress and I finally got to the bottom of it. So now I am on the healing path, which won’t be easy and probably painful, but I’m not so scared anymore. Because I’m not in the dark, I have pin-pointed the problem and now I can fix it. I’m not saying I won’t be a little wary about how this is all going to turn out, cause I am, but God is in control and everything is in His hands. I am going through this for some reason, it has caused me to stand up and fight for my life, to pray through really hard times and to just keep on going. I haven’t given up and I won’t anytime soon. It’s nice not to be under constant anxiety and stress, I feel like a huge weight has lifted off of my shoulders, even though I still have a lot to deal with. I am thankful that I am not alone, that I have people right by my side. And it’s been really hard not having my family here. But even from a distance I can feel their love and support. So I just want to thank every single family member and friend who has prayed with me and supported me these past couple weeks. It’s not easy when your life feels like it is completely over. It was like I had fallen and every time I tried to get back up, I was pushed back down. Every day, a constant battle.  God is faithful though, no matter what. That’s the testimony for my life. He has always been by my side. He loves me, and will get me through anything. Even though at times I felt like I was literally drowning. Shew…it’s almost over, kids. I can see the other side! Isn’t that a beautiful feeling? I will keep you updated on how I’m feeling. Right now I’m gonna needs lots and lots of ice.

Hope everyone has a blessed Memorial Day!! Go play at the lake or go on a picnic. Whatever you do, enjoy it.