How often do we go see movies, that we have no interest in, just to hang out with friends? I know I do this a lot, and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised and glad I actually tagged along. Then other times I am totally right about how much of a dud the movie is. And the Hangover 2 was a dud. I went and saw the first one in the same situation, just went with friends and I ended up loving it. I mean, it is seriously a hilarious movie, no questions asked. The second one was just a repeat of the first. Which I didn’t really like at all. I wish they would have had another storyline and added different characters and such, mixed it up a bit. Instead it was boring and predictable. The first Hangover, the audience had no idea what was coming and it was the most shocking and hilarious movie they had ever seen. So, I was a little disappointed with the second movie, but what can you do? I have respect for the screenwriter’s, I actually met one of the guys who wrote it. He was at the screenwriter’s conference and so that was really cool to watch it for his sake. Most of the time you are writing what sells and people loved the first Hangover, so why not make another one almost exactly the same? Makes sense. I still wasn’t thrilled about it.

     Okay, I will stop being such a downer on this movie. The upside is Bradley Cooper is still beautiful and probably always will be.

  On Sunday I watched Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I was very disappointed in that as well! Everyone who had seen it said it wasn’t spectacular, but I was still curious. Because I am a huge Narnia/C.S. Lewis fan and I had seen the other two and so of course I had to watch this one. It was extremely cheesy and fake looking and the acting was very poor. I absolutely adored the first one, it was magical and every bit of what Narnia was supposed to be. The second one was still pretty good, not as perfect as the first, but I still enjoyed it and then this one…I have no idea what happened. Well actually, I do. The first two were directed by Andrew Adamson and he actually helped with the writing as well. The third was directed by Michael Apted and there were different writers for it also. That’s probably why it had such a different look and feel to it.

    I also watched Lost in Translation this week for the first time. My first Sofia Coppola film I have ever seen and I loved it. Mainly because I love Bill Murray, I think he is a comic genius. (One reason why The Life Aquatic is my favorite movie) Lost in Translation is brimming with subtle, ironic humor and I love it.  Coppola seems to have a unique style in filming, I can’t really compare it to any other of her films, but you can just tell. I liked how most of the film was showing the characters wandering in the city and kind of on their own. The dialogue is minimum, especially for Scarlett Johansson’s character, and for the most of the movie you are reading her expressions.  She is a very thoughtful person, you almost have to make up what is going through her mind. Overall the film has a cool feel to it, I think it’s a very well done movie. Very different from the other two I have watched this week.

   I haven’t really seen anything else, haven’t had much time for movies or TV shows. Which I’m okay with, I used to watch a movie a day. That got a little out of hand. Now it is maybe two or three a week, if that. Anyways, just felt like commenting on the movies I saw this week, if you have seen these and have anything to say about them, please comment. And I always take recommendation :) Especially if there is any other Coppola films I should watch.

Have a good day!