I took a little step towards becoming a successful writer. First step: is letting someone else read your stuff.

I gathered up enough courage to e-mail my dad and ask him to read one of my completed short stories. He of course consented and I sent it to him before I could second guess myself. I wasn’t gonna think about it, just do it. I basically told him the overall theme and asked for honest feedback and that was it. I didn’t hear anything back for about a week or two. Well, I did hear from him because we talk like once ever couple days, but the story was never brought up. I was so afraid he read it and didn’t have the heart to tell me he didn’t like it. As you can see, I am a little insecure about my writing. Especially something as formal as a short story. I don’t really care about my blog anymore, I realize that this is my domain and I can say whatever I want. Anyways, I finally brought it up in my little voice and asked, “So, um, did you ever get the short story I sent you?” “Your what?” My heart sank, he forgot completely about it. His opinion mattered to me more than anyone, for two reasons: 1) he is my father, I want to make him proud and do well 2) he is an accomplished writer and very good at what he does. He then went on to explain the e-mail address I sent it to, he rarely checks. He pulled it up and was unable to open the document. He said he would text me if he couldn’t figure out a way to open it. I got a text saying -Was able to open it. Printed it, reading it now. So then I waited. No response. I was okay by now, I was just going to let it go.

I went home this past weekend and he brought up my short story. I then went on a long rant of explanations and how I was truly okay if it sucked and how I could take it. No big deal, I would just scrap the thing and forget about it. He stopped me and told me that he really liked it. He said there was only one problem with the story, he told me and it is definitely fixable. The kind of feedback I wanted. He then went on to tell me the parts he loved and even my mom chimed in saying she had read it and was impressed.


My parents like my writing, they like my stories!

I feel better about my life now. I have gained the approval I wanted. And it has taken me this long to ask for it. This is the first time either of them have read a story of mine. So now I have a little more confidence and hopefully I can get this short story absolutely perfect (although, it never will be for me) and maybe get it published somewhere.

My older sister and I plan to get back into writing together. We used to have weekly writing prompts that we would do, which was always  a lot of fun and really challenging. Some good stuff came out of it. And then the boy came along (which is now husband) and of course her whole world started revolving around him. So now that they are married and things have somewhat settled down in both of our lives (for now) we are going to start doing writing prompts together. Very excited about it! We shall see what good things will come of it. For now, I will continue to blog. I am so happy I have been posting every day! What a good little streak.

Alright, enough for now. Ciao!