Father’s Day is approaching, it is two days away to be exact and I won’t be able to see my dad. Living five hours away is kind of awesome, but at the same time it has made me miss my parent’s so much. It has also made me realize how amazing they are and how much they’ve done for me! I am at a good point in my life, coming out from under their protective wing so I can be out in the world, figuring out my own life…Granted, I do get pretty homesick (especially lately) but I just press through and it’s nice to know they are a phone call away. I try to talk to my parent’s often and I am always texting my dad, asking him these deep, life questions. I am at the age where I actually want to discuss life decisions with my dad, instead of him forcing lectures on me. I value his opinion and his wisdom. I love our long talks that we have weekly, I always walk away feeling encouraged and a little better about the choices I have made. My dad is seriously the wisest person you will ever meet, he knows exactly what to say and he can just make everything better. He is very patient, listening to me rant about some guy or something I have been wrestling with and then he will tell me in his gentle tone, “Elisa, this is how it works…” And then he will just go from there. It’s awesome. I have a lot of light bulb moments when I talk to my dad. So, I really cherish those phone conversations. And now they have skype, so talking almost face to face will be fantastic!!

My dad.

What a great guy.

It has taken me a while to really see this, but now I am old enough to realize how fantastic he really is! Also the saying, “You never know what you have until it’s gone,” can apply to my situation. Because I am realizing what a good father I have and now that he is not completely in my life, I can see that he is truly a good dad. I am very blessed. To have someone be there for me, encourage me, affirm me as a woman…someone said that a girl learns how to flirt from her dad. Which is true. As little girls we like to play games with our daddy and it is perfectly harmless, but we do learn a lot about relationships and how to treat guys from our dads. And we also are shown how a man is supposed to treat a girl. I am very blessed to have a father tell me every day that I am the most beautiful girl ever. That has helped my self-esteem a lot. I wrote a previous post about having my dad read a short story of mine and how important it was to me to have his approval…well, that pretty much applies to every part of my life. I do want to gain his approval and make him proud. Whenever I am doubting my path in life or my purpose it is always amazing to hear my dad say, “I am so proud of you.” Those words are pure gold. My relationship with my father has also helped me with my relationship with God. To be able to view Him as my heavenly father and to know the father’s heart. It is such a precious gift and something I never want to take for granted.

I love my dad’s silliness. He likes to make people laugh and especially his kids. I was homeschooled and for two years my mom was the one who went to work and my dad stayed home and taught us kids. They needed a change and I think it was a good time for all of us. I was probably ten or eleven at the time, I’m not really sure. One day we were all sitting around our dining room table, quiet at work, studying, reading…being good little homeschooled children and I don’t even know how it started but my dad was trying to make all of us laugh. And I was the only one who wouldn’t. I wouldn’t even crack a smile! Talk about stubborn. He did everything, dance around me, talk in funny voices and I would not budge. Finally he climbed up on the dining room table, right in front of me and dancing and crooning with his arms out in front of him…”Elisa. Elisa. Elisa.” Over and over again. How can you resist that!?! Of course I had to give in, I had to laugh! We still talk about that. If I’m being stubborn, he’s like ‘remember the table?’ It works every time.

All I can really say is I love my dad! And I am so thankful, from the bottom of my heart for him. I am just blown away by my parent’s and their faithfulness to God and their family. I am so blessed, because I know some people don’t have what I have. Some girls don’t have daddys…and that breaks my heart.

So dad, I am sorry for ever taking you for granted, for hurting you, for letting you down. I want to be a loving and appreciative daughter, and to make you proud.

Happy Father’s Day.