To kind of follow up on last night’s post:

I have been in Nashville for one year now. What a crazy, fulfilling year it has been! A lot has changed/happened, some for good and some for bad, but I know it’s all for the best.

There are many things I love about this city and my number one reason is the unending flow of creativity and inspiration. Music, art, drama, fashion…the people who fill this city are just incredible! I think my greatest accomplishment in this city is all the wonderful people I have come in contact with. Some have stuck with me and have, hopefully, become life-long friends and others have been in passing…they are in my life for a short time and then off they go! It has been such an amazing experience seeing and hearing these people’s beautiful stories and now they are a part of mine.

Music. I certainly take advantage of the fact that I live in Music City. I try to go to a show at least once a week, because there is nothing I love more than live  music! One of my first shows I went to was at Exit/In with my sister to see a local band. It was such a new experience for me, I never really did that kind of thing growing up, like going to bars and concert venues…I guess because I didn’t have access to it. Anyways, Sunday night I found myself back at Exit/In, with my sister, a year later. I love how stuff happens like that and it probably has no significance, but I just think it’s funny how things sometimes fall into place.

Things I have learned from living in this city:

Traffic isn’t that bad in a city. You end up learning the ins and outs of the city, what streets to avoid during certain times of the day. And how to be patient and also semi-aggresive. It’s always a pain going back to sleepy Bristol, where things are a lot slower…nice change of pace though. Everyone is in a hurry here.

Concert etiquette- this is very important! I have gotten very good at nudging my way to the front of a crowd, very discreetly. Sticking my elbows out in a crowd if drunk people are dancing around me so I don’t get run into. Earplugs are essential (although I haven’t invested in any)

Shows never ever start on time- I am a punctual person, but everyone is late here in Nashville! So I have learned to arrive at most parties, functions, shows, at least a few minutes late. Isn’t that terrible?

How to order a drink in a bar- I turned 21 in March! Before then, I had never ordered a drink in a bar. I was very intimidated my first time. I still feel weird walking up and being like, ‘Jack and Coke.’ I don’t do that! I’m not a order-at-a-bar kind of girl. Still really foreign to me, but I like it.

Parallel Parking- I have been scared of parking ever since I moved here. It seems like everyone stresses out about it, because it is such a pain! I have become much more relaxed since I can parallel park. (and this is a recent occurence) It has taken me a year to finally get up the courage. And it just happened, like I didn’t even practice. I learned a few years ago when I got my license and haven’t since and then one night it was dire for me to park that way. So in one swift movement, I got my big Chevy Imapla to park perfectly between two other cars. Success!

I fell in love with sushi here- I guess the lesson learned here is, sushi is the best!! and I don’t know why or how I thought otherwise.

How to talk to musicians- They appreciate feedback and some are the stereotypical assholes, but most are really nice and love talking and meeting people. I can go up and have a normal conversation without freaking out. (For the most part)

How to dress like a hipster- I live in hipsterville, which I love. The people are so fascinating with the way they dress. My philosophy for Nashville fashion is, it’s one big costume parade! People can literally wear whatever they want and no one will look twice. Maybe you will because it is so freaking amazing what these people can pull off! I haven’t gotten that brave with my attire, but I am slowly branching out.

Country music is not the only type of music here- In fact I have been able to avoid it almost completely. I’ve been exposed a few times, but nothing too bad. There are all types of styles of music here! Which, I love!

There is always something to do in this city. I am rarely bored

To get a little more personal:

I love freedom and being independent.

I miss home-cooking

I have started to fall in love with cooking (especially for other people)

Grocery shopping is a favorite past-time

Bills suck

but freedom has a price (I have learned this, for sure)

I can make it on my own.

Definitely learned that it’s not easy, but totally worth it.

Surround myself with good, awesome people. (good lesson)

 I am building my future here and it is so great to see myself evolve, grow and become the woman God has called me to be. And yes, that consists of getting out there, meeting people, experiencing life and just being me.

That’s all I could think of for now. To summarize, I love this city! It is so beautiful and I am so blessed to be here. God is so good and I know He wants me here for right now. Anyways, it’s been a good year overall. I am thankful.

RED at Exit/In