I read a lot of blogs. Like a lot. It’s my favorite pastime at work. (yeah…) And so I have gotten very familiar with the blog world. I think I do a pretty good job in keeping up and I have learned some of the rules and etiquette for blogging. But what I have noticed the most (especially the bloggers who post daily) is that a lot of people have a certain type of post they write on a specific day. Like The Good Greatsby, (check out his blog, it’s hilarious!) on Sunday’s he has a post called Sunday Souffle and it’s just a collection of random stories about his life, usually involving his family. Other blogs will have like top ten Tuesday or give away friday! And so I guess what I am getting at is maybe I want to start doing something like that. I am still iffy about it, because this blog is definitely more of a public journal and supposed to be a collection of stories of my life, but it could be fun. I think the top ten would be easy and entertaining for those who read my blog. Maybe it would be a good break from all the heart-to-heart posts. Anyways, if you like this idea, let me know. To maybe christen the whole thing I will do a top ten blog post today: I saw someone do a top ten tv character they would marry (racheljames.wordpress.com), which was a lot of fun to read. So I think I want to do a top nine list of book characters I’m in love with. (Top nine, because want to leave an extra one just in case I stumble across a tenth. Because I am constantly reading) Alright, here it goes:

(warning: Spoiler alerts)

9. Zane

From: Pretties/Specials

By: Scott Westerfeld

About: Zane is awesome. I was seriously in love with him whenever I read these books. And was devastated when he died! He is Tally’s second love interest and I was so hoping they would end up together. He kind of gave up his life for her and that is totally romantic. He was definitely my favorite character in this series.

8. Wesley ‘Wes’

From: The Truth About Forever

By: Sarah Dessen

About: My first Dessen character I fell in love with. Wes is a sweetheart. And also an artist, which makes him kind of amazing. Has a little bit of a past, so he has an edge to him. I adore this boy.  

7. Luke

From: Shopaholic books

By: Sophie Kinsella

About: Luke is so freaking attractive to me! Sophie Kinsella does such a good job in developing this character. He is successful and seems like an all around great boyfriend and definite husband material and he is able to keep someone like Becky under control. Oh and he’s British. Doesn’t get any better than that.

6. Ned Nickerson

Ned and Nancy

From: Nancy Drew novels

By: Carolyn Keen

About: Ned is the perfect boyfriend. He aids Nancy in whatever task she needs. He is brave and loyal and completely adorable! He is definitely a guy that will stick around for a while. I read Nancy Drew novels when I was younger and I think he was probably my first literary crush. Except I always laughed at his name…the double N doesn’t really do it for me. Preppy boys aren’t really my thing, but Ned is an exception. He plays football and wears cute sweaters, I can’t pass that up.

5.  Romeo

From: Romeo and Juliet

By: William Shakespeare

About: I will be forever loyal to Romeo and Juliet, no matter what anyone has to say about it. Forbidden love is intriguing, especially young love. Romeo isn’t the greatest guy ever, but he definitely has a way with words. He seems dashing and almost impulsive, but in a good way. (Except they both die) I think Romeo would pretty much do anything to be with the one he loved.

4. Jacob

From: (NOT Twilight) Water for Elephants

By: Sarah Gruen

About: This seems like a total give-in since the movie just came out and Rob Pattinson plays this character…but I read this book long before they even were making it a movie. The one thing I loved about this book was the characters, because they were so well-developed and had a lot of depth to them. Jacob is a trained vet (about to get a degree and that is the sexiest thing ever: an educated man), he is a hard worker, definitely favored by many. He just seems like a cool guy. I would love to dance with him cheek to cheek, under the stars just enjoying our time together…he is a wonderful book character.

3. Prince Charmont


From: Ella Enchanted

By: Gail Carson-Levine

About: Char is so dreamy and wonderful. The best part is where he tells Ella he loves her in a letter. The letter exchanging part of the book is my absolute favorite. And his willingness to slide down banisters and be silly…just makes him the perfect guy! He rules a kingdom, he is very noble…I am all about Char.

2. Mr. Darcy

From: Pride and Prejudice

By: Jane Austen

About: Mr. Darcy is THE literary love-interest for many, many women. This seems a bit cliché to have him in my list, but I really do love Mr. Darcy. I think mainly because he is that symbol of the ‘perfect man’ for most women. I think it’s quite amazing of Miss Austen to create such a character, who has been adored by many throughout the ages. He is kind of a jerk, but totally lovable! How does she do that? He is very relatable and romantic! I love his quiet strength, shyness, brooding manner, his attentiveness to Miss Elizabeth. I think what gets me is his adoration for her. He was fascinated by her from the beginning and he just doesn’t show it and then he has that breaking point where he just can’t take it anymore! He has to profess his love. Now, that is romantic.

1. Henry DeTamble

la henry

From: The Time Traveler’s Wife

By: Audrey Niffenegger

About: I was a hard-core Darcy fan and then I read Time Traveler’s Wife and Mr. DeTamble stole my heart away. I love the fact that he is a librarian! I am so attracted to men who love literature. I love that whole smart, nerdy guy but totally sexy, disheveled, librarian type guys…gets me every time. He does time travel and leave his wife a lot…and very unexpectedly. But, Henry is such an amazing character. He loves deeply and is very passionate. I honestly cannot explain why I love Henry so much, because he has many flaws, but there is something so appealing about this character. And the fact that Eric Bana playing him in the movie! Shew! Perfect fit and I cannot picture him any other way.

A lot of these characters, as you can see, are very dear to me and I am loyal to every one of them. This list is basically a time-line of my life, I just realized that. Starting with Zane, I read those books forever ago to Henry, which is my most recent crush. Kind of funny how that happens.

If you have any to add, let me know! Would love to know of your literary crushes.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my top nine list. Hopefully I will have more to come.

Enjoy your Wednesday!