I will jump on any chance to have free ice cream. And apparently even if I have to wait in line for two hours. You may think I’m crazy and I am probably am, along with the other thousand or so people that showed up to this event. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream just opened up in east Nashville (it’s based in Ohio) and the eve of the grand opening they handed out free ice cream. And I’m not talking about like teeny scoops in plastic cups where you feel like you’re being teased, no, these were legit ice cream cones and scoops. I could even have two flavors! But not until I waited…for two hours.

I will just put it out there that it was a really fun evening. Especially since I was with my sister and her husband. I don’t think we knew what we were getting ourselves into. I had suggested the idea of going and they both were like, yeah, why not! We drive up and we’re craning our necks trying to assess the situation, to see the kind of turn out they had. We saw a few people walking down the street with ice cream cones and it doesn’t seem so bad. And then we go around the bend and there it is. The mile (exaggeration) long line. We start laughing in disbelief. I mean, this is probably the craziest thing you will ever see. At least as far as ice cream goes, because who waits that long just for ice cream! No one. Except when it is the social event of Nashville. What made this evening amazing was all the people there! And all the friend you came out to see and socialize with. When we found our place in line I went down the line talking to the few people I knew there. Some people just came to walk the line to say hi to their friends! They didn’t want to get in line, but just socialize. And then there were those few people who were, of course, the lucky ones to cut in line…that happened to us, twice! You can’t really say anything. I’m not the type of person to tap on someone’s shoulder and be like, “Um, back of the line for you buddy.” Like, who does that? It’s not very acceptable, unless like you want to look like a complete asshole. Or maybe I’m just too nice. But my sister and brother-in-law both agreed that it was best to just leave it and let them be.

Let me set the scene: So you already know there were tons of people. Well, Nashvillians are quite flavorful people. Almost as exotic as the flavors on Jeni’s grand menu board. That evening was a people-watching extravaganza! I have already said that the people of Nashville are all very creative souls and dress as they please. Which makes it much more fun. There was also a band playing, the whole time. Folky/country/bluegrassy type stuff, it wasn’t the best ever, but it still added a nice element to the evening. The weather was perfect, breezy, not too hot but just right. There was a wave of chatter and laughter all evening. There was no reason to be impatient, it was a very relaxed atmosphere. Which was really nice.

So we stood in line for forever. It was such a good feeling when we actually reached the entry way to Jeni’s and once we got inside, it was like victory was ours! We had all that time to figure out what we wanted, but these aren’t your usual ice cream flavors. They have stuff like salty caramel, gravel road, queen city cayenne, the buckeye state (which I had),wildberry lavender…to name a few. You get up to the counter and you are so overwhelmed with all the different kinds that you kind of forget what you wanted in the first place. The workers were so great, for serving that many people they were helpful and very happy. They are asking everyone, “What would you like to try?” In the calmest manner, like there isn’t a million other people behind us. It’s like they wanted us to have a good experience, no matter what. So I tried two flavors and decided right there and then, I think the guy that helped me was a little surprised on how fast I made my decision. He was like, “Do you want to try any more?” I was half expecting him to like force feed me the different ice creams. (Not really) He was very nice. Anyways, after that we left. And it was over.

So that was my ice cream adventure. Never done anything like that before. It was a really fun evening and I think what made it so great was the people and the atmosphere! It was very sociable and so I think Jeni did a good thing by handing out free ice cream.


free icecream!