I had a pretty full weekend, probably because it was a three day weekend due to the wonderful holiday we celebrated yesterday. I am fortunate to work in a bank so I get every major holiday off. I loved waking up yesterday knowing I did not have to get up and go to work!

I’ll give the highlights of the weekend:

Friday evening, me and my older sister headed to Knoxville, TN to see our parents. It’s a good half way point and we also have friends that live there so we were able to stay with them. It was nice to see the rents, hug their necks and be able to catch up in person. And Bethany and I always have a blast on our roadtrips. We spend the entire trip usually singing, dancing in our seats and being absolutely wild; which I love so much.

Saturday, we ended up going to this nature center that had biking/hiking trails. Mom and dad brought three bikes, so we rented a fourth and rode some of the trails. It was hot! And I realized how out of shape I am (Shocker). For some reason my family is always singing, we are a very musical family. (I give all the credit to my mother. Dad…you know why) At one point we passed a field of sunflowers and Bethany started singing songs from The Sound of Music and we all joined in. I love those moments.

Sunday, I went with one of my friends who is a Christian singer/songwriter here in Nashville to Riverbend prison to do some ministry. We met up with a a guy who goes there the first Sunday of every month to minister to the men. It was a humbling experience. I have never done anything like this before. Growing up I had done some ministry related things with my family, but never in that type of setting. It was a very low key and simple…I played my djembe while my friend sang and played the guitar. The men were very receptive afterwards and thanked us over and over again for coming. At one point I was asked to share my testimony, since it was my first time there. They mentioned I would have to and I just shrugged it off, thinking…hoping, they were joking. They weren’t! So I tried not to think about what I wanted to say and just spoke from my heart. The words flowed nicely. I really hate being put on the spot, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyways, it was a growing experience for me and hopefully a blessing to those men. I really hope they were touched by Jesus in some way.

That evening that same friend and I ended up at someone’s house for a pre-fourth celebration. We ended the night by sitting on their roof watching the neighbors shoot off fireworks. It was quite perfect.

I started my 4th of July with a lovely breakfast made by my sister. Her breakfast potatoes are so delicious! A perfect way to start my morning.

I had a lot of fun spending my 4th in Nashville. Last year I had just moved here and didn’t really know anyone and my job at the time (before banking) was babysitting. So I babysat that whole weekend and the only fireworks I saw was some the neighbors had shot off. This year was much different. Earlier in the day one of my friend’s streets were closed off and it was like one, big neighborhood block party. There was a parade and the mayor gave a speech and there was music! It was quite the celebration and there was also free food. I guess all the people who lived on the street made a dish or brought food of some sort and set it out on these tables and fed probably hundreds of people. It was really fun and kind of crazy! 

I also got the chance to go downtown for the fireworks. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to, mostly because of traffic and such. My friend and I had plans to park and watch the fireworks from afar. But we just kept driving and getting closer and closer to downtown, so we finally parked about ten blocks away from where the fireworks would be and made our way down there. It was a spur of the moment decision, but definitely a good one. It was so worth it. Someone told me today that there was about 100,000 people downtown to watch the wonderful light display. 

These fireworks were ah-mazing to like the tenth power. I mean absolutely brilliant! I think my mouth was open the whole time because I was in such awe. It was so unbelievable how elaborate these fireworks were!

Getting home was not as bad as everyone said. We had to fight through the crowd a little bit, but we got home in about twenty minutes. It usually takes me five to seven minutes. That’s nothing compared to some people I know who didn’t get home til about one in the morning. And just so you know, the fireworks ended a little before ten…

So, it was a pretty good weekend overall. Glad I got to spend it with friends and family. I hope you had a good 4th as well!!

this is what i saw. amazing