I have been listening to Shawn McDonald’s new album – Closer – non-stop! He is one of my favorite Christian artists. I love his style and his music has played a big role in my life. It really has drawn me closer (literally) to God just because of the anointing and the power of his music. His first album, Simply Nothing, will always be in my top 5 favorite. I will never ever tire of those songs.

So his new album, Closer, is just amazing. Every song speaks to me in volumes, just about the love and depth of Jesus. Shawn really was getting the right message across when he names the album Closer, because it really does give me a sense of closeness to the Father. The words are so captivating and well put together, with beautiful melodies that bring me to a place of intimacy with Jesus. I’ve been singing the songs constantly, letting them fill my heart and renew my mind. One I’ve been singing today is called Hope and one of the lines say:

   You are a lighthouse when I’m lost at sea
   You are the language that I’m trying to speak
   You are the taste that keeps me thirsting
   You are the courage running through my veins
   You are the compass pointing to a better way
   And You are the whisper beckoning me

    /Hope is rising/Hope is on the move

    In the air and on the ground/in my head and all around
    Hope is rising/

 You are infectious you’re spreading through me
   And you are the melody that I want to sing
    You are the tempo beating within my chest, within my chest…

He describes God in such a beautiful way. I really love it. His perspective of who God is, is incredible. It opens my eyes to a whole different understanding and it is just through his music! I find Shawn to be a very accomplished musician and have always been a great supporter of his work.

If you need some encouragement and some uplifting songs go and buy his album, you won’t be disappointed!  

P.S. I have also been listening to a Jamie Cullum station on Pandora and it is perfect for when I am getting ready for the day! Just pure bliss. Hope you like my recommendations!

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