Tis been a lovely week. It has been pretty much completely stress free and for this I am thankful. My spirits are lifted and I feel good about life.

For the moment.

I am just going to enjoy my weekend and not freak out about my trip that is in a week! I have a lot to do, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Just not worth stressing out over it.


There is a big red and white tent that is set up right next to my work and they sell fresh fruit and produce. It’s been there as long as I started working here and I’ve never gone over and checked it out. Today me and my co-worker, Kim, walked over there (in the blaring heat) to see what we could find. It’s a produce paradise, it’s a large tent filled with fresh fruit and vegetables. I wanted to buy everything! But I settled on a yellow melon (Never had, but was recommended to try it) and two ears of corn. I plan to grill the corn for a meal this weekend. I discovered that my roommate has a grill in our backyard so I am eager to use it. Perfect summer food :) I am satisfied with my purchases.


Tonight I have a sushi date with my best friend here in Nashville. PM is one of my favorite places to eat and it’s been a while since I’ve eaten there. Looking forward to this! And then afterwards we are going to a show at Exit/In. Should be a fun Friday night!


My chiropractic care is going well. Things are starting to settle down. I’m not in that much pain, but still not 100%.

Two days this past week, I worked at a different branch than my own. They had no a/c. I was very, very miserable. But I survived!


Last night was a splendid evening. I stayed up late baking banana muffins and watched the movie, Beastly. The muffins turned out perfectly! I am so proud of myself and they were so easy! I just got a recipe off the internet and I ended up adding a little bit of my own ingredients. I always love to share my food (probably from how I was raised) and brought some into work. Everyone enjoyed them, to my knowledge. And Beastly was an entertaining movie. It had a really good storyline, but very cheesy acting. Vanessa Hudgens is gorgeous! But she isn’t the best actress…alas!


Another tale of this week: I hung out with literally my best friend ever, Nick, this week and we watched Harry Potter together. We watched Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows and plan to go see the 2nd together. Before the movie we went and ate at Jackson’s (another favorite Nashville restaurant) and then we went walking around downtown. We found our way at the war memorial by the Capitol building and it’s a completely flat area with two huge fountains. He kept threatening to throw me in and I resisted, of course, screaming and being very girly. He then picked me up and literally threw me in the fountain. I was soaked, from about my chest area down. He was very, very kind to not get my hair wet. I had to walk back to the car like that, nodding politely at passersby as they looked at me in wonder and amusement. (I’m just glad we didn’t get arrested, he had no idea it is a felon to get into a public fountain. Oops!)

I had a blast, none-the-less.


Oh and on Monday I went to a Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj concert. It was ah-mazing. Epic. Brilliant. Best time ever. I will dedicate a post to the wonderous Nicki Minaj soon, since she is like my role model forever.

So, there was my week. Just a little update for you all.

Have a glorious weekend! Enjoy the weather, wherever you are. Hope it’s grand.