I have been neglecting my blog mainly because I have been spending all my time on another! My sister told me about this amazing blog called A Beautiful Mess and I am so obsessed with it! Elsie is a brilliant blogger, she is everything that I want to be. Except I wouldn’t be posting about an amazing vintage store or clothing, although that would be very cool. She is just very inspirational and wonderful to read, so you should definitely go check out her blog!



I love the blogging world! I think I have expressed this before, but it is such a fun way to get to know people in various parts of the world. It’s so fun to see and read their stories and get to know these people. You end up really caring for these bloggers, it’s like you become a part of their lives. At least the small part they are willing to share. It’s a lot of fun and it’s always a good day when I stumble upon a really cool blog.  Especially blogs like Elsie’s because it shows how someone really can chase their dreams and be doing exactly what they want. Like I said, it’s very inspirational.  

So there is my thoughts for the day! Also, it’s Friday! I am thrilled for the weekend :) Tomorrow is my only day off this week and I am going to enjoy it. I honestly cannot wait to sleep in, it’s going to be glorious! Than probably get up, make some coffee and sit in my sun room and just write and edit photos from my California trip. Once I upload my pics, I will be posting about CA. I wanted to include some pics of my own in the posts. So sorry for the delay, I promise I will write about it soon. I really miss CA…looking through those pics will be like reliving the whole trip. It was such a wonderful time. That’s all I’ll give away ;)

Anyways, thanks to everyone who reads my blog, appreciate you all! Have a lovely Friday and weekend. Hopefully I will be posting more as the weekend progresses.


p.s. I heard the song Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch for the first time last night. Brilliant song. It’s one of those songs you could easily fall asleep to, it’s so peaceful and wonderful. Go take a listen!