I’m posting my inspiration post a day early because, guess what!?! I am heading home this weekend and I’m going to be part of one of the best three days of the year! Bristol’s Rhythm and Roots Reunion. If you have followed my blog for a while, you would remember when I posted about the event a year ago. It’s my favorite time of the year, not only because of the fabulous bluegrass music, but it’s a time for my friends and family to all get together and have a good time.

   So naturally my inspiration for the week would be bluegrass music! I cannot wait to walk up and down State Street just listening to music and being amongst the people of Bristol. It’s going to be a blast. And the best part is my twin sister will be home for the weekend! I haven’t seen her since March. MARCH! Crazy times. We’re going to be literally inseparable the entire weekend, but it’s alright. I think everyone will understand.

    I probably won’t post til I get back, mainly because I won’t have time! But I may surprise you all, we’ll see.

Here are some pictures to show a bit of what’s going to go on this weekend :) Can’t wait, ya’ll!! I cannot express how excited I am.


Above: I cannot wait to see these boys!! It’s been way too long. Scythian is one of my favorite bands, they are a bunch of very talented and fun musicians. Oh man, we’re going to have such a good time.

So that’s going to be my weekend! I am looking forward to the drive, I love road trips. Even by myself :) I just hope it doesn’t rain today….doesn’t look too promising though. Oh well! Nothing can rain on my parade ;)

Wishing everyone a lovely day!