Do people truly understand one another?

This question was posed to me by a friend. It’s something that we have been discussing for quite some time now. I’m not sure why it keeps coming up, but it does. Maybe because we both live on other sides of the world. Well, not completely. But my friend lives in Europe and grew up there…so obviously we have a lot of cultural differences. So, it’s only logical to discuss if two people from completely different background can understand each other.

What does understanding someone mean? I looked it up in the dictionary, just to get a clear “understanding” of the word ;)

One definition stuck out to me that I think is beautiful.

-to be thoroughly familiar with; apprehend clearly the character, nature, or subtleties of…
I just think that is fantastic. To be thoroughly familiar with…I think that’s the direction I want to go with this word. How can you be familiar with someone? By spending time with them.
Two people who are from completely different places, who grow up learning different languages would obviously have some barriers. We have some things to overcome in our friendship if we truly wanted to understand one another. I talked to another friend about this, just because I like input, and she said that it’s true that this is what all humans desire. This is a common factor in most people, they crave that connection with someone else! I’m sure anyone who reads this has gone through a time in their life when they went around saying, “No one understands me.” Which is perfectly acceptable, because granted, they probably don’t. Only because you don’t let the people in your life see who you are. I think people would have a pretty good idea who you were if you didn’t hold anything back. My friend said that she thinks just being honest with yourself and others is a good key to understanding. Which I think is very true. It’s simple really, I suppose. I feel like my twin sister has a pretty good idea of who I am. I really think she ‘gets me.’ Not many people have that luxury (yes, I call being a twin a luxury) of having another person connected so closely to them that know basically everything about you.
Without that connection with other people, life gets pretty lonely. That’s what I think.
So is it possible to fully understand someone? Who they are?
Can we fully understand God? To some extent. His complexities are so great, they are incomprehensible. Can we achieve an understanding of God? Yes, by spending time with Him, getting to know His ways and His heart. The best part though, is that God understands me. He understands the depth of my heart, the part that not a lot of people ever see. He knows me. I love that so much.
Anyways, I don’t think cultural differences matter. I really don’t. Or the fact that two people don’t speak exactly the same language. If you let those types of barrier get in your way, than they will!  I think there are other ways to show that person who you are. And I think it does take a lot of time to get to know someone very well…it’s all very interesting. I don’t really have a conclusion here, mainly just putting some thoughts out there. I did a blog post about human connection a while back that may go along with this. If you have any thoughts on the matter, feel free to give you input.