Right now, in my life, God is making it very clear what doors I should be walking through and which ones I should avoid. He slammed one in my face today and for that, I am grateful. It would have been very easy for me to get discouraged, but I know He will open another one for me. One was closed about a month ago, one that I never expected to. Well, I did, but in the time frame that I predicted. And since then God has shown me why and led me to other opportunities.

I listened to a sermon the other day about dreaming with God and it really impacted me. The guy was basically talking about how we live out our purpose and plans for Him and what that entails. He says that all the dreams that are placed in our hearts are from God. Every idea, every thought, every dream…are from Him. I have had it in my heart, ever since I was very young, to go to France. Specifically, Paris. I have no idea why, maybe I have a few romantic notions about the place, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s this burning desire within me. I have not been, but I know God will send me there when it’s the right time. I have dreams to be a writer, to teach, to marry…all these things are placed preciously in God’s hands, so He can carry out His plan for my life. So you have a dream and the next step is you take a step. That’s called faith, you act on what is in your heart. And God will simply do the rest. He will grant favor in your life and open doors if it His timing and will.

I believe that for my life. I want that for my life. I try to walk by faith, I try to be obedient when the Father inclines me to carry out His will…it’s not always easy and I doubt myself all the time. But it simply comes down to faith and grace to walk in this way.

There is a scripture that says, “He will give you the desires of your heart.” What a loving father, to give His children what they want. What they need. I always say that, God knows what you need. He always does, no matter how bad it seems. God knew I needed this year (a very hard year at that) to make me a better and stronger person. And those desires placed in your heart, who gave them to you? God. He planted them there.

I will not be dismayed when something doesn’t work out, because I have to trust that God knows what is best for me. I have a lot of decisions to make ahead, but for now, I will rest in the season He has me in. One day, this will all make sense and I will be able to explain a bit more. I am just trying to be faithful and obedient.