If you follow my blog, (and probably not lately, because I have been such a slacker) I wrote a post about my brother joining the Navy and my thoughts on that. Well, just this past week he graduated from Navy boot camp and I was able to attend his graduation and spend some time with him. After two months of no contact, whatsoever. Except letters, which he told me he loved very much.

I have never felt so proud in my life! The feeling is overwhelming. Especially when all 8 Divisions came marching in to the sounds of a drum line and the cheers of friend and family, I felt this surge of pride and excitement. And when they called my brother’s division number and he came marching past us looking like a real soldier, needless to say, I went crazy, cheering him on! It was such an amazing moment. After the graduation, they released all the family and friends and people literally went running up to their sailor…it was so emotional. I definitely cried when I saw him, I had no control over my tears whatsoever. And I look over and see my mom dabbing her eyes and just beaming. Then there was Caleb, large and in charge, like he always has been. But this time it’s different, he has earned his self-confidence and commanding presence. He has a right to be this way.

We got to spend the rest of the day with him and he basically told us story after story of his experience in boot camp. I’m sure it was good for him to process it all. It was just amazing to see this very disciplined, more mature, man. He seems more even-tempered and in control of his emotions, which is a big deal for my brother. He kept asking us, ‘What’s different about me.’ I was just thrilled to watch him eat at dinner time. I kept thinking, wow, my brother has manners now! He eats like a civilized human being. It was a very good moment for me.

I am thankful for the little time we got to spend with him and that I was able to even attend the ceremony! It worked out so well. I love my brother so much and I am really proud of this moment in his life. I can’t wait until Christmas when I get to see him :)