Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and here I am sitting amongst the remnants of a weekend long party. This Thanksgiving was much different for me than last year (posted about it) because I didn’t have to leave on Thursday evening. I was able to enjoy the whole time with my family and friends. I think the best part of this Thanksgiving was that all of my family was able to come except for my sister, Bethany :( But 6 out of 7 is pretty darn good, especially since my brother just joined the Navy. And included was aunts, uncles, cousins…lots of cousins! Cousins I haven’t seen in a while. I love family because you just pick up where you left off. It was just like old times. Well, almost…

There are 6 cousins who usually group together and we are totally inseparable. We even sat at the ‘kids’ table, except we are all over 18 years old. And there was alcohol served to those of us that are 21. But no matter the age, we are still looked at as the kids. My older sisters and our older cousins always sat in with the adults and so this, of course happened. After dinner we all looked at each other and said how tired we were. We all went downstairs to watch football and half of us ended up napping. Yeah…we’re kids alright… And in tradition, all the adults would go to bed, and we would stay up til the wee hours in the morning talking and laughing and usually getting in trouble for it…We all went to bed before midnight. Somehow, I think the term ‘kids’ is no longer relevant to any of us. We all laughed about it all weekend saying to one another how we are all definitely getting older. Times are not like they used to be, but we are all okay with it. Of course we are, because now we can all drive each other around and go out whenever we want and don’t really have to ask the parents permission. It was kind of awesome, not gonna lie.

It was a great weekend and I am glad everyone was able to come. I was happy I didn’t have anywhere to travel to once the holiday was over, but now I am at my parent’s house and sitting here alone in the quiet. I like it a lot, but it will definitely take a few days to get used to again. Going from 30 people to…4…that is a big difference. So as I get used to the solitude I will say that I am most thankful for my wonderful family! We are all loud and crazy like northerners should be and somehow we all get along just fine. I was thinking how blessed I am, there is never any fighting, screaming or discord amongst the family members, ever. I have never had to put up with that. The holidays are always a joyous occasion and it’s always centered around God. That is so rare, I realize that, and I never ever want to take it for granted.

I am also thankful for, my parent’s love and support, my health, God’s love and grace in my life and for the purposes He has for my life. I am thankful for my freedom and the men who fight to give me that. I am thankful for gluten and corn free bread so I could have stuffing this year (It’s the little things) and for everyone who helped me get through this year.

Well, there goes another Fuhrken family Thanksgiving. Nothing too crazy happened, except that my Grandmother tackled a friend and pinned her on the floor. It was quite hilarious and you’re probably wondering, what the hell? One of the cousins suggested having a UFC family fight, just one big brawl. We all laughed about it and picked teams (just for fun, never really thinking we were going to fight) and then someone said, alright let’s fight! And my grandma gets up from her chair and goes over and tackles one of our family friends. I have the best grandma ever!

On that note, hope you all had a grand Turkey day!! Now the count down to Christmas starts :)