Friday evening my twin sister and I had one of the best and most nerve-wracking experiences of our lives! We headed into DC for a late-night concert to see one of our favorite bands perform. The one and only: Scythian. DC is their hometown and we thought it would be fun to see them more in their element. I drove up to Winchester, VA just for that. Talk about dedicated fans. Anyways, that was the fun part. The getting into the city was the nerve-wracking part of my tale. We didn’t want to have to deal with parking in the city, so we decided to park at an outside metro station and take the train into the city. We sat for a few hours before heading out, planning the whole trip. We even wrote down detailed directions to the club and everything. We were pretty prepared. We didn’t want anything to go wrong. My sister and I love big cities in generals, but we are not city girls. We’ve been exposed to city life numerous times (I mean, I lived in Nashville…but that can’t really count. It doesn’t even have its own public transportation) but we never really maneuvered the metro ourselves. We’ve always been with people who are more familiar with the routes and which side we needed to be on etc…I’ve ridden a lot of trains in my lifetime like: LA, Chicago and DC… And surprisingly DC is my favorite, it’s very clean and well-kept. (Except for the man who puked on the ride home…I’ll talk about that later in the post)

Anyways, we arrive at the station, get everything together and then off we go on our adventure into the nation’s capitol. Two young, brown-haired, doe-eyed girls ready to see an amazing show! We buy our metro tickets, ask for a map and tell each other: ‘Okay, let’s just appear like we know what we’re doing.’ We walk around the station, head held high and fierce stares, so no one will mess with us…you know the whole city look. We find our first train just fine and hop on with ease. Okay this can’t be too bad, we think. We sit for thirty minutes just sitting and talking and people watching. Ignoring men as they try to get our attention, yeah, that happened a lot. We finally get to the station where we need to switch to another line. We look helplessly at either side and question ourselves. Where do we need to go!  We ask a train attendant person and they point us in the right direction. So much for looking like what we’re doing. Worried expressions cover our faces, hoping we’re doing the right thing. Of course, We make it on the right train. We have plenty of time before the show starts, so if we miss a train, than we have plenty of time to retrace our steps and get on the right one. Which was very comforting to know. We were more worried about the ride home…

At one point the train we were on suddenly tells us it is out-of-order so we have to get off a stop, way before the one we needed! So we get off and we’re like, what do we do now! We also realized that I forgot the detailed directions to the club…so we were basically going to have to ask around where the club was. We see a couple standing around and we ask them about another train and the club. Turns out they are going to the same show, so they help us out and we feel confident in finding our way. We arrive in the part of town we want and the city is ours for the night. We head for drinks and then the show and have an amazing time! The show was absolutely incredible. But that’s not what this post is about.

Heading home…the fun part of the story. Metro shuts down at 3:00 am. We head out of the club at 1:30, hoping that will give us plenty of time. Let’s just say, we left at the exact right time. If we left a minute later…we probably wouldn’t have made it. God’s covering was all over this evening, let’s just say that. We head to the metro, it’s late, we’re exhausted and our backs and feet hurt from standing for over three hours. The side we need to get on…it’s shut down for maintenance. I think they call it single tracking? We were freaked out, what does this mean? We ask each other. What do we do? We wait around, hoping to see what the other people do. We wait and wait…start to get nervous. What do we do! A train comes on the other side and we wonder if we should get on it…we ask a girl. She tells us to wait for the next one. So glad we did, because it was the train we needed. We hop on and make it to the orange line and then find our next train and homeward bound we go. Three am is drawing near…my sister keeps mentioning the time when her and her friend came into DC and the train stopped one station before theirs. I was praying this wouldn’t happen. We look around…a very drunk man hurls all over the train. We have to sit with that stench for the remainder of the ride. We make it. We’re exhausted. Completely relieved. Just in time! And my sister’s car is still there and we make it home in no time.

This trip was full of close encounters to something going terribly wrong, but nothing did! We made it, and I feel very accomplished. Almost like I conquered the DC metro. Don’t they make t-shirts that says stuff like that? Anyways, it really isn’t a big deal. But for not being a total city girl, I feel good about myself. And it always helps to have my twin sister by my side. We make a great team. Two beautiful, smart girls are better than one ;)