As of today, I will be entering the dark thresholds of the serving world. I have had a small taste in my lifetime of this sort of work, but never to this extent. As of yesterday afternoon, I was hired at The Olde Farm. A nearby country club, full of class and prestige. I will be a server there, to help them get through the holidays. They needed me immediately, so I had to rush out to every store in Bristol to find black slacks, socks, an Oxford button up (white), appropriate black work shoes and a belt. I now have a mix-mash of these items and hopefully I will be able to pull of this attire. I know I will build onto my wardrobe in time, but with the little time they gave me, I will have to work with what I have. Entering a new chapter in my work life, I feel like I will have many, many stories to tell. A country club seems like a very interesting place. All I know is, I will be encountering loads of loaded elderly people. (Mostly old men). I like old people, they are interesting and usually like bright smiles…but I shall see. Tonight’s my first night, so wish me luck! Like I said, I will probably have lots of stories to tell and many blogging topics. Alright, off I go to get ready. Sayonara.