My recipe for this week was supposed to be bread…a gluten/corn free recipe that was supposed to turn out splendidly! But it failed… miserably, instead. Which is fine. Trial and error. It was actually kind of an experiment. I have really gotten this new diet down. I no longer throw tantrums at mealtimes and sob over the loss of not being able to eat cookies and cake. Well, maybe that happens, sometimes…but not in any dramatic efforts. I digress, since I am more comfortable with this diet, I decided to conquer something a bit more advanced. Bringing bread back into my diet. Unfortunately the bread recipe did not turn out how I wanted it to. However, it did turn out and I will be eating bread for the next two weeks :)

What I did was take one of my mom’s bread recipes and ended up substituting some ingredients to make it safe for those with wheat and corn intolerance. (like me, in case you haven’t caught on). I used three kind of flours: brown rice flour, buckwheat and then an all-purpose flour from King Arthur. I think the KA flour gave it a weird flavor and the texture was kind of off…It is still edible though! So, it wasn’t that much of a disaster. Just not what we were looking for.

Anyways, my mother and I are on a mission to find the perfect bread recipe so I can make sandwiches and french toast. And I will, of course, include you in our journey.

That’s all for now. Good night.

xoxo e