I’ve been at the Olde Farm just a month and…I got a promotion. Talk about favor! I will still be serving as well as working over in the Marketing and Communications department. (I also got a pay raise, good stuff!) I have been working with another girl and basically been proofing a lot of things, writing out meeting minutes, making up 2012 training and policy and procedure manuals for every department etc…Eventually I will be helping with member letters, newsletters, the magazine the club puts out yearly, stuff like that. The bottom line is: I’m getting paid to write. I’m getting paid to do what I love. I have a big project coming up: The club manager is nominated for an award and he needs to submit a few page autobiography and he wants me to basically write it for him. I have a few days to crank something out…no pressure or anything! I’m really excited to tackle this project. It’s nice to want to come to work and be happy about it. It’s important, especially for someone my age, to feel like I have a purpose. Like I’m doing my part in something bigger, and running this country club is no small task. They need a whole workforce to get the job done and we are the epitome of team work. I just love my job! Not many people can say that. It’s also a good feeling when someone sees you work and work hard and they say, ‘Hey, she has skills we can use and she knows what she’s doing.’ My dad has always told me that I need things in life to challenge me, otherwise I get bored and kind of just shut down. That’s why I always love learning new things, I am expanding my world, so to speak. Anyways, I know this is a seasonal thing, since I will eventually be going off to school, But I am going to relish in this amazing opportunity and enjoy it while it lasts.

Just wanted to give a little update on my life and the exciting events that are happening. My dad and I are heading to Charleston this weekend to see my brother. I am praying for warm weather! It’s a little bit more south…so there is a great possibility it will at least be a few degrees warmer. Anyways, will write more soon. Have some thoughts rolling around in my brain I would like to get out sometime.

Have a lovely Thursday!