I was going to ask, ever have those morning where it seems like everything is just going wrong? And it kind of throws you off and puts you in the worst mood! But, of course you have. Everyone has. And if you haven’t…you need to tell me your secret.

     Well, I had one of those mornings. Still am, but things have died down just a bit…my anger has melted away and I am in a bit more of a sunshiny mood. I kind of had to force myself to get rid of my bad attitude because when I walked into work I told myself, ‘E, you’re in a professional enviroment. It’s time to pull it together.’ So I did, for the sake of my co-workers and the rest of my day. So what if I was having a bad hair day, so what if my dad pissed me off, so what if the person in front of me when I was driving to work was driving 20mph under the speed limit…it’s life! And those little diversions happen all the time. I guess it all depends on how you react to them. But I think it’s totally fine to just be fed up with stuff like that.  Only because it’s completely human to get frustrated and mad at the little things. We’re not perfect! It’s okay not wanting to put up with them, or having to plaster a smile on your face every time and say, it’s okay! ‘Cause sometimes that can get exhausting as well. Pretending that everything is okay…when it’s not. The catch is, don’t let it affect the rest of your day and don’t let it affect the people around you. Get your frustrations out, listen to loud, crazy music, whatever to calm you down! And just get on with your day. (I am preaching to myself mostly) Writing this post is a good way for me to expose myself and get over those little issues.  And to just confirm, that yes, mornings that go hay-wire are normal and they make me furious! But, it feels good to just let it go and have a smashing day!

And that’s just what I plan to do. (It also helps that I seriously love my job and that I have a mocha cappuccino smoothie…just saying)

Wednesday are good days too because of B.E.E.R. class! I’ll write a post about that later ;)

And my mom is coming home! She’s been gone for ten days now on a trip to upstate NY…we missed her greatly. It’s been just me and my dad at home…I think that’s why he pissed me off. He gets terribly mopey and on-edge. Alas, can’t win ’em all.

On that note: have a great day! And don’t let your bad morning affect the rest of your day!