Okay, I’m going to be really girly this week…I just can’t help it.

I came up with this combination this past weekend and I just love it so much! It has become my go-to outfit, for now. What I love most about the outfit is the shoes, because they add a certain ‘pop.’ I was traipsing around downtown Charleston last weekend and needed something that was super comfy and really cute and this ended up working really well. One of my brother’s friends was like, ‘Those are some loud shoes.’ I just gushed and replied, ‘Aren’t they amazing!’ I don’t really think he knew what to do with my reply…haha Anyways, I’m actually wearing the outfit today :) Take a look: 

The outfit is simply and classy. The leaf necklace is not like that at all, because my friend made mine and it’s just amazing. I can wear it with pretty much everything! And I do wear my hair in a top knot, but of course I don’t look as flawless as Hilary Duff! I just think she’s so pretty. So there’s the outfit that I just love.

I bet you all are so happy it’s Friday! I know I am. Except I brought work home with me. My plans are to get Chinese takeout, camp out on the couch downstairs with my laptop and let chick flicks roll in the background as I work and chill. Sounds delightful, right? Plus the rents will be out on a date night, so I have the place all to myself. :)

Hope your Fri evening is as relaxing as mine.