I promised a post on B.E.E.R. Class and so here it is! I have no clue what B.E.E.R. stands for, it’s a work in progress. The name is somewhat mis-leading, because this class has very little do with beer. Well, it does have something to do with beer, but that’s not the main focus. Basically this class is a Wednesday evening get-to-gether for people to gather, discuss, talk, and learn about theatre tech. It starts at 7pm and usually goes until 10. We’ve had three classes so far and the first two were at a local Italian restaurant that has a great ‘party/event’ room, plus they have awesome food and beer. The two nights we spent at Machiavelli’s we talked about Pyrotechnics and DMX-512. Last night was a little different, we went next door to the Paramount. A couple that attends the class work there and so we were able to use the theatre for demonstration and more hands-on stuff.  My friend, who is heading up the whole B.E.E.R. class, lectured about DMX and so he decided to continue on with that, but with some examples and visuals. So, we got to play with moving lights on three different consoles. It was really interesting and cool to see the lights do their thing. It was also more of a relaxed atmosphere, which I liked a lot more than sitting in a restaurant. We ordered pizza, I made gluten/corn free brownies (recipe to come) and it was BYOB. Some of us were sprawled out on the stage floor, others scattered in chairs and we all just chilled and learned about DMX. It was pretty awesome. So that is B.E.E.R. class. Simple and delightful. I love having something to look forward to every week; especially something that is educational and social. The topics are usually over my head…but I glean what is useful to me and pretty much let the other stuff go in one ear and out the other. Next class we’re going to learn about different kind of knots! Excited about this :)

A whole evening dedicated to theatre and beer, what is better than that??


(this was written on Thurs, but posted on Sat)