Today’s been a really hard day for me. There is a part of my past I am going to have to let go of. I understand these are hard times and you have to do what you have to do…but it’s just so hard to stand back and let these sort of things happen. The community theatre I was greatly involved in had a huge vintage rummage sale today. They desperately need money and so they basically sold half of their props, costumes etc. to raise money for the theatre. Which is fine, because I understand they needed to do this, the problem with this situation is mainly what this rummage sale symbolizes. It symbolizes the end of an era, a time where the theatre thrived and was full of good times and good people. When I moved to Nashville I left the theatre behind, to move on to different and new things. I was actually leaving my whole life in Bristol behind. Everything started falling apart (at the theatre), so I guess I left at the right time but I was hopeful like everyone else. That they would get back on their feet. They threatened to close their doors many, many times, but it never got this close. So it’s been hard to see the beloved place keep on deteriorating until they finally had to shut their doors. It’s even more difficult being back in the place where I spent my teen years; where I developed and grew into an adult and then seeing it all stripped away. It’s almost like it never happened. It’s almost like the board is completely disregarding everything the theatre stands for. Community, youth, escape, fun…Just walking into that place and seeing people buy these things makes me sick to my stomach. They don’t know what these objects represent to us. They don’t understand all the hard work we put into making this a place for the community. I guess no one will understand and neither will you as you read this. You’re probably thinking, it’s just stuff? So what? And I think that to and they can do whatever they want with it…I just can’t accept the fact that the theatre is dead and possibly for forever. It’s like losing a loved one, or trying to get over a really bad breakup…and you’re having to divvy up the stuff so you both can go on your separate ways. It’s devastating, it’s uncomfortable, it’s heart-wrenching and I am sorry for the loss of a great and beautiful place. May it rest in peace.

I can be hopeful for a new beginning. Maybe the theatre will be resurrected, time will tell.