Going on road trips can be a blast. Especially when you get to stop at fast food places and drink a lot of caffeine. But when you have a particular allergy, eating out can be a pain in the butt! It is actually extremely stressful for me to eat out, so whenever I go on road trips, I pack my own food. It’s much cheaper to do this and a lot more healthy. The key to eating gluten and corn free is to ‘snack’ throughout the day. Have a pretty good breakfast, and then eat something little whenever you’re hungry and then eat a full meal for dinner. That’s what works best for me.

So usually what I bring is:

Trail mix- Archer Farms makes this amazing mix, it’s called ‘A little bit of everything’ and it’s super cheap. Like $3 for a nice sized bag. It has dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, yogurt covered raisins…just enough to give you a boost of energy. So good.

Apple sauce – You know those little cups that Motts makes that come in a 6 pack? Those are life savers! I even get flavors like blueberry, mixed berry and strawberry. They don’t need to be refrigerated, so you’re good to go.

Fruit- Apples, oranges, bananas, they don’t have to be refrigerated either, so they keep pretty well and easy to eat. Plus really filling.

Larabar- These things are lifesavers! And they are super filling. I sometimes eat one for breakfast. They are all natural fruit bars, like the best thing in the world!

You could also pack a little cooler and pack lettuce and chicken salad. That makes a quick, easy lunch. You could also bring string cheese to eat as a snack. It’s easy and a great, little snack for the road.

There you have it! Happy road-tripping :)


P.S. Don’t forget to load up on the coffee! ;)