Some days I like to drive out to the Holston Dam. It’s a very pretty spot, sort of secluded and a nice place to get away. The drive is very pretty as well. When you enter the park, you see the dam in all its grandeur. It’s long, it’s big and it’s high. And you just cannot wait to get to the top. You’re excited and you know it’s going to be worth it. Well, when you start the drive up to the dam, you start heading towards the thing and then the road takes you directly away from it. And you wonder, ‘Where is this taking me?’ You lose sight of the dam completely and continue to wind up the side of the mountain. And then, when you start to lose all hope of getting there, it pops you out, right on top. The view is spectacular.

This can be applied to your personal walk with God. You have a vision, a goal, something that you desire, something that God has placed in your life and you’re not sure how you’re going to get there, but you just have to trust. It seems completely unattainable, but you’re excited and ready for the journey. So you start to head towards this beautiful goal, you’re trusting, you’re walking and God takes you in a completely different direction. You lose all sight of that said goal or picture and you wonder…how is this going to work out? You sort of lose hope, just wondering if God really knows what He’s doing. You have to remind yourself that there’s always a plan that He is in control…and you keep doing this, remaining faithful and going along in the journey. Then…after months, years, a lifetime, he brings you to the place you always knew you were headed and you are ready than you ever thought you would be. It’s a beautiful reward and you just thank God, for all His wonder and glory. He always knows what He is doing. So just put your faith in the Lord, don’t lose hope, He has a big, wonderful plan for you. It may seem like your hitting a wall, but sometimes you got to go way way around that wall in order to get to the top. Gradual, but safe and steady.