I loved the movie. Absolutely loved it. And I was pretty skeptical, since I tend to always stick to the book than the movie…and I had pretty high expectations. But to my satisfaction, it met every single one. It also helped that the previews gave a good indication of how well done this film was going to be.

I made a very good decision to see the midnight premier of this movie. It was definitely worth waiting for, sitting in a theater for an hour and a half with die-hard fans, like me. The movie was so gripping and kept you so interested, from beginning to end. That’s honestly one of the most important things for me. The opening of a movie is everything, it has to capture my attention. And then keep it throughout, no part of the plot lagged one bit, or felt lacking. And even though I knew the whole story and what to expect, it just blew me out of the water. I think my favorite part was the production design of the film. The sets for this movie were incredible. District 12 was perfect, in the sense that it showed how dreary and dank of a place it was. It resembled that of a Holocaust prison camp…that’s what it reminded me of. The first statement the film made in showing the books underlying themes.

The emotion to this story is just overwhelming and the film captured it perfectly. There were so many times I wanted to cry or did, because you could literally feel what these characters were going through. The horror of their circumstances completely encompass every part of your being. If you didn’t think so, then you are completely numb as a human being. What I loved most about this movie is that it wasn’t so in you face. Because obviously there is a message that the author is trying to convey, I mean slaughtering children…it’s quite a heavy subject. It’s traumatizing and brutal. But they pulled it off so nicely. They really let you experience what these characters go through, without it being over-the-top.

The casting was exceptional, I couldn’t be more happy. I was already a huge fan of Jennifer Lawrence, since I saw her performance in Winter’s Bone. I was eager to see her in more films. Josh Hutcherson was so perfect. Peeta is my favorite character and not because he is the lead male role, but I just really love how the author developed him. He has so many layers and I really think the actor portrayed that quite well. The supporting cast was phenomenal, as well. Who doesn’t love Stanley Tucci? He is a genius in every role he plays, I’m a huge fan of his work. The relationship between Haymitch and Effie gave great comic relief.

The costumes were obviously a big deal, because the Capitol is a place of bizarre fashion. I hate Elizabeth Banks for all the amazing costumes and makeup she got to wear. It probably was seriously uncomfortable and it probably took forever every day to create that look, but when do you ever get to look that gaudy and crazy? Never, and what a fun opportunity for her. This was definitely a hard movie to costume, because it had to be somewhat futuristic, but without being too cheesy. I think overall they did a fairly good job. I loved the chariot costumes, that was brilliant and the red dress Katniss wore in her interview was really neat too.

I think the direction Gary Ross took this film was really wonderful. It was raw and definitely not showy in any way and I think that’s the way it should be. It really captured the novel and I am satisfied. It left me wanting more, but I think this is a good thing. I look forward to the sequels…they haven’t confirmed they are making movies of the next two books, but the way the film industry is…we know they will.

Happy Hunger Games, may the odds be ever in your favor.