My job has been very demanding these past few weeks and will continue to be this way. This leaves me no time for my personal life and everything outside of work. My family feels like they never see me anymore, never hear from me and I feel guilty because in some ways I feel like I am neglecting them. People are understanding when you just tell them, “I’m so busy!” They ask no questions and let that excuse slide on by, because they understand: Life can be chaotic sometimes. I haven’t been working steadily since last September and now that I am getting 40+ hours a week, it’s been a bit overwhelming. I took a long break to recover from a few things and then I got the job at The Farm in December, which was perfect, because I was only working a few hours a week. But now it feels like I went from 5mph to 150 in no time at all.

The result of this extreme change in my life has made certain areas of my life suffer and my blog is one of them…Some of my friends have been put on the back burner and…unfortunately…my writing is not really a part of my life anymore. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve sat down and done some creative writing. My mind and body has been so exhausted, the last thing I want to do is sit down and try to come up with something clever. This sort of writing is easy because it’s just putting down my thoughts. It comes naturally.

But, in my defense: There is a time and season for everything. My plan for this summer was to work my ass off so I can save money. And I’m pretty sure this plan is going to work wonderfully, from all the hours I put into that place. But! I need balance. I can’t just write off everything else that is important to me in order to make money. It’s not worth it. If I have this mentality now, than what’s going to happen when I’m older and have a family and pursuing a career that I actually care about? Got to make time for other things, mainly because it is so easy to get burnt out.  And work is not the only thing that’s important to me.

Just some thoughts that hit me last night. Felt like sharing. Any thoughts of your own?