I wake up this morning and I stumble out of my room, down the hallway, into the kitchen and to the bathroom. On my way I glance at the white board hanging on the wall in our kitchen. This is the way my family communicates, since we’re always in passing. I see initials and strange numbers written across the board. Example-

a – 394 261 1972 (made up string of numbers)

b- 233 655 8777  (”  “)

c- 444 678 1234 etc etc etc….

The list is in that format and there’s nine of them. I know it’s my father’s handwriting and so now I wonder what the heck he is up to. As I make my way to the bathroom I try to compute in my brain what is going on. Is it coordinates for something? A code? With my father, it seriously could be anything. The way this man’s brain works in unbelievable sometimes.

He comes home from a morning errand and I am able to inquire after the strange numbers. I’m starting to get agitated and feel like I’m living an episode of Lost. So he explains:

I woke up this morning and realized that if I ever got stranded or lost or whatever and I didn’t have my cellphone, I wouldn’t know anybody’s phone number. So I wrote a list of all family members and their phone numbers and I’m gonna take some time to remember them all. So now I will be well-prepared.

It all makes sense and there I see my initial, E, with my phone number beside it. And then the other initials…P, R, B, S, C…all the initials of my siblings and mother.

Smart man. Odd man, but smart.

So maybe I’ll join him in this small feat and attempt to learn all my family member’s phone numbers in case I ever need one.