This post is going to be a long ramble of some thoughts I’ve been having lately of the topic…Purpose.

I went to Fredericksburg like a week and a half ago to visit the family I will be living with. We had a lot of things to discuss mainly because they’ve never rented a room out before and we just wanted to cover all the bases. At one point the dad said to me, “Go back to Bristol for the rest of the summer and just continue to grow in God and discover yourself and I encourage you to find your purpose. To find your main focus.” He basically explained that it’s very easy to get caught up in life thinking that you’re only purpose is to work and go to school. And things can get very frustrating very quickly…because obviously when you stay busy with certain things it starts to really take over your life and your time. He said it would be good to get a bigger picture of what God wants me to do with my life so when I do get in a rut or kind of stressed out about work and school to just step back and evaluate what God really has for me. Wonderful words of wisdom and I appreciate him speaking into my life like that. So these thoughts have been in the back of mind and the theme of ‘purpose’ has been relevant in my life this past week.

I was working one night and I had to serve a six top consisting of the owners of the club and two other couples. It was very challenging for me, because everything had to be perfect. I had to basically stand out there for two hours, just standing and waiting to see if anyone needed anything. Working at The Olde Farm has taught me a lot and I’ve loved working there…it just really takes over your life. When you’re there, the only thing that matters is the members and running that place smoothly. Nothing else matters. And as I was standing there, I had a lot of time to contemplate life and the things going on around me. I came to the conclusion that serving the owners of TOF is not my purpose. Standing and waiting on these rich people hand and foot is not where my life is going. And I’ve gotten so caught up in the whole thing that it started really to take over. So I just stepped back and thanked God that this is just a job…this isn’t what’s fulfilling my life. God has a bigger plan for my life and this is where He has me right now. And this was just very comforting to me.

The other night I went and saw the play Avenue Q at Barter Theatre and if you’ve seen the play, you would know the common theme is ‘finding your purpose.’ In the end the main character doesn’t really find it, but he’s going to keep looking and pursuing. Seeing this play sort of added to my thought process…what is our purpose? I think a lot of people wander around aimlessly trying figure out why they are here on this earth…and where is the hope in that?

My facebook ‘about me’ says: I live my life for Jesus. He is the only One who gives me a sense of purpose and hope in this world.

And it’s so true. I can’t find my fulfillment in anything else, except living my life for Him.

The word ‘purpose’ means: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

So basically, the reason why something is created. So our ‘purpose’ pretty much defines who we are. And I don’t want my job or what I do to define me.

And I know living my life for Jesus is my purpose. That’s why He created me, to love Him and to love people.