You never think you’re part of a stereotype. You think in your mind how different you are and that no one could possibly put a label on you…until someone points it out and you have to step back and realize what other people see.

A girl at work found out that I love rap music and she was dumbfounded. I named off a few rappers that I just loved, (Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, Drake…) and she just couldn’t believe it and she said to me, “That’s so crazy. I thought you were the type of girl that listened to Mozart or something.” I started laughing and said, “Actually, the crazy thing is that I do actually listen to Mozart.” And she just gave me a funny look and said, “I do not understand you.”

From comments that people said to me in the past, I started to piece together my stereotype. Well, first of all, I am going to be an English Lit major and I want to teach college level English and everyone I tell that to, they say, ‘I can totally see that.’ When I wear my glasses people say it suits me better than when I’m not wearing them…I guess I look very librarian-ish, smart…

The guy I’m dating, when we first met each other, we pin-pointed each other’s stereotypes. He was like, I thought you were some stuck-up smart girl that thought she was better than everyone else. The writer, artsy type…and in some ways, he was totally right. But then he realized how awesome I am ;) And yes, he reads this blog.

And in some ways, Stereotypes aren’t that bad. They are there for a reason. But then you get to know people and they don’t really apply anymore. So they can be good and they can be bad, because I think most people judge by stereotypes. Like my boyfriend, for instance: I thought, I can’t be with a guy like him! He plays sports and he’s a total jock/player. Well, then I got to know him and he’s so not that.

So I guess you gotta just give people a chance and get to know the real them and not their stereotype.