I’ve made my transition. I am now living in Fredericksburg, Va and attending the University of Mary Washington. It doesn’t necessarily feel like a chance for me to ‘start over’ but continue on with my young adult years. I have been working towards this moment for almost two and a half years and now that it has finally come, is just overwhelming. I am beyond thrilled to be pursuing my passion as an English major. God has blessed me with an amazing living situation and a community of great people. Also being in this new area is actually really exciting to me and not quite as daunting as it was when I first moved to Nashville on my own. I almost feel like this is round 2 for me, since Nashville didn’t end so well. (I had to get up and leave the city and move back home because of certain circumstances) Anyways, I am more apt to explore and be with okay that I don’t really have my bearings. But I feel like I know what to look for, how to navigate through this unfamiliar. I know how to connect with people, what questions to ask, where to look…and I feel like I am going to adapt a lot more quickly. I’ve been here a week and I haven’t really felt ‘alone’ or ‘lost.’ So to speak, these were terms I would use for my first few months in Nashville. I realize that I am older now and much more experienced and this gives me a lot of comfort. I think my greatest fear before I moved here was, failure. Was I going to be able to make this transition? Was my health going to allow it? So far it has been very smooth and I just thank God for His amazing provision. I haven’t started school yet, but I feel like I am just going to be like a little sponge, soaking in the world of Art and Literature. I’m really excited :) I met with my adviser last week during orientation and something lept up in me. I just got so excited for my future. I was picturing myself in her shoes, thinking how great that’s going to be when I finally get to that. With the grace of God!

These are my thoughts so far. I really would love to get back into blogging, keep the world updated on my journey here in F-burg. I think it’s going to be extremely beneficial.

So keep reading and see what happens!

xoxo E