Above: The start of Thanksgiving week! These adorable turkeys were in my fridge when I got home from school one day. What a fun project :)



Above: The eve of Thanksgiving was spent making tee-shirts for the Turkey Trot 5k 2012. Our team wore yellow shirts with the word “Eucharisteo” across the front.




Above: My lovely tee-shirt :) “Eucharisteo” meaning- thanks, grace, and love.


Above: The rest of the tee-shirts waiting to dry! Such a fun way to spend Thanksgiving eve.



Above: All the people that gathered downtown for the 5k! Such a fun time.


Above: More people!


Above: And we’re off!! See the yellow shirts? That’s part of our team :) They ran the whole 5k! Woo! Side note: Us walkers had pieces of chalk and along the way we wrote on the street what we were thankful for! It was such a beautiful expression and was almost worshipful in a way. It was such a freeing act. I felt really blessed by it.



Above: This was my contribution to the meal! Gluten-free stuffing, a must! It turned out really wonderful :D




Above: Our Thanksgiving table!!




Above: My colorful plate! All traditions and background coming together. It was a wonderful meal! A lot of sharing and fellowship.


Above: This is at the Fredericksburg mall. Us crazy ladies went shopping at midnight for $20 boots! We had to participate in the fun :) Dancing in the middle of the mall, how many times do you get to do this?


Above: Us girls trying on the boots we could scavenge! What a crazy night! The crowd was unbelievable.


Above: After I was done, I sat on the ground in the women’s department against the wall, so tired from a night of shopping. But I got some boots! Woo!


Above: The after-math. It was a real war-zone, I am telling you all. Crazyness.



Above: Yep, I feel sorry for those Belk employees. Wow!

And we all went home to get a good night’s rest. It was such a full day! I am so thankful and so blessed to have spent it with such awesome friends :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!